Boss Man

I'll tell you what, I ain't sure the boss is shootin' square with me these days, gittin' up mighty close t' that RK cat over yonder at Castor. Him and me has had a right long relationship since b'fore The Piney Woods Journal ever hit th' streets an' mailboxes. I agreed t' be his Special Correspondent way back there when he was still kickin' sand way over there in New Mexico and was lookin' fer a sure 'nough Piney Woods repersentative t' interduce him back into th' pine country after he had done an' moved off t' th' West t' git rid a' a bad case a' th' mullygrubs he picked up down there in Slidell.

I jis' want th' old man t' remember all we been th'ough together an' not git sidetracked by a lollygaggin' tomcat that has got a little too smart fer his britches.

I'm still on yore side, Boss Man. Jist don't drift off on me. That tomcat's RK initial ain't fer "Kelly," an' you ain't kin. I'm gittin' you a honorary membership in th' SRHBSFRPB, with a special BS endorsement. Hang with me an' we'll make it jist fine.