Northern parishes get capitol outlay money

By Tom Aswell
Capitol News Service

• Baton Rouge

Fiscal concerns notwithstanding, the 2015 legislative session resulted in tens of millions of dollars of Priority One construction projects allocated throughout central and north Louisiana.

Priority One projects are in line for immediate funding while priorities two through five are scheduled for funding in subsequent years. And while the capital outlay budget did not receive nearly the attention of the general fund budget, the local projects included in HB 2 were being watched just as carefully by entities back in the respective parishes.

Natchitoches and Lincoln Parishes, because of the presence of three universities Northwestern State, Grambling and Louisiana Tech were earmarked for the lion's share of capital outlay expenditures but other projects, including an $11 million interchange construction on I-20 in Ruston and a $12 million water reservoir project in Caldwell Parish, received appropriations as well.

Gov. Bobby Jindal still has not signed House Bill 2 into law as yet and many could still be vetoed but following is a list of some of the first-year projects approved in the recent session:

Natchitoches Parish:
Cane River Waterway Commission: $170,000 for Cane River Lake pumping, planning and construction, Cane River Lake drainage study;
Bellwood Water System: $25,000 for water system generator, back-up power source, planning and construction;
Natchitoches Council on Aging: $845,000 for planning and reconstruction of activities building;
Natchitoches Parish Emergency Communications District: $1.63 million for planning and construction;
Natchitoches Veterans Memorial Parish Commission: $45,000 for planning and construction;
Office of Fisheries: $430,000 for Natchitoches District 10 boat shed and office;
Northwestern State University: $4.35 million for roof replacements and renovations to various campus buildings and for planning and construction of a multi-purpose assembly center;
Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts: $9.64 million for various construction projects, including a new dormitory;
Natchitoches Parish Courthouse security improvements: $480,000;
Old River Bridge; $610,000 for planning and construction;
Natchitoches Parish Office of Community Services: $40,000 for additions and renovations;
Coco Bed Road: $280,000 for hard surfacing;
Clarence Wastewater System improvements: $50,000;
South Natchitoches Drainage Improvements: $45,000;
East Natchitoches By-Pass Project, Phase I, from LA. 6 east to LA. 1226 (Williams Avenue): $245,000;
Blanchard Road Development: $200,000;

Winn Parish:
Beulah Road reconstruction: $1 million;
Country Club Road planning and construction: $350,000;
Parish-wide roadway projects: $385,000;
Village of Sikes Water System extensions and improvements: $60,000;
City of Winnfield: $500,000 for Port DeLuce Reservoir planning and construction;
Pleasant Hill Crossroads Water System: $100,000 for repairs and extension;
Red Hill Waterworks: $260,000 for replacement of water well, connections and equipment;
Winn Correctional Center: $15,000 for corrections to sanitation code violations;

Sabine Parish:
Plainview Road rehabilitation: $1.535 million;
Water treatment and supply system study: $300,000;
Sabine Parish Water Works: $500,000 for emergency connections;
Pleasant Hill: $285,000 for street reconstruction and overlay and rehabilitation of two elevated water tanks;
Zwolle: $145,000 for installation of six-inch water line and well;
South Toledo Bend Waterworks District: $630,000 for water distribution system improvements, including water meters;
Belmont Waterworks: $1.445 million for water system improvements;
Sabine Parish Water District No. 1: $240,000 for new production water well planning and construction;
South Toledo Bend State Parish: $140,000 for emergency erosion controls;

DeSoto Parish:
Waterworks District No. 1: $295,000 for water system improvements and extension;
North DeSoto Water System: $100,000 for expansion and improvements to system;
DeSoto Parish Police Jury: $50,000 for Alumni Park, Phase 2;

Jackson Parish:
East Hodge: $250,000 for village hall improvements;
Quitman: $115,000 for repairs to wastewater treatment facility;
Weston: $695,000 for improvements, extensions to Weston Water System water mains;
Jackson Parish Riding Arena and Livestock Pavilion planning and construction: $1.6 million;

Caldwell Parish:
Columbia: $415,000 for water well planning, construction;
Grayson: $160,000 for infrastructure improvements, streets and drainage improvements and plan for children's playground and pavilion;
East Columbia Water District: $645,000 for improvements;
Bayou Dechene Reservoir planning, land acquisition and construction: $12.125 million;
Columbia Port Commission: $2 million for planning, construction of railroad spur;
Planning and construction of parish detention facility: $1.115 million;
Wiles Road and Kountry Korner Road reconstruction: $505,000;\par }{\plain Recreation facilities construction and renovation: $185,000;

Bienville Parish:
Arcadia: $5,000 for planning of multi-purpose community center;
Village of Bienville: $100,000 for water system improvements;
Castor: $310,000 for new water well and related system improvements;
Ringgold: $45,000 for town hall/civic center renovations;
Bienville Parish Courthouse: $40,000 for improvements, renovations;

Red River Parish:
Coushatta: $80,000 for community center planning, construction, installation of new streetlights and sidewalks;

Beauregard Parish:
Deridder: $1.16 million for education and job training center, planning and construction of community recreational building and shelter;
Merryville: $225,000 for improvements to sewage pump station and aeration system;
Beauregard Parish Waterworks District No. 3: $50,000 for improvements to Longacre Road Water Plant;
Beauregard Parish Waterworks District No. 6: $170,000 for water system improvements;
South Beauregard Parish Recreation District No. 2: $500,000 for planning, construction of multi-purpose recreation facility;
Lumas Road: $20,000 for planning and construction;
Crosby, Butler and Pleasant Hill Roads: $825,000;

Vernon Parish:
Improvements to the Compressed Natural Gas System: $700,000;
West Vernon Waterworks District: $620,000 for emergency connection with waterworks district and inline booster station;
Anacoco: $645,000 for emergency connection with water system and rehabilitation of elevated water tank;
Leesville: $295,000 for street rehabilitation and extension and rehabilitation/replacement of lift stations;
Leesville: $1.135 million for University Parkway Sewer System and Wastewater treatment facilities enhancements and sewer and water extensions along LA. 28;
Leesville: $235,000 for acquisition of East Central Water System;

Grant Parish:
Central Louisiana Juvenile Detention Center planning, construction: $235,000
Louisiana 4-H Foundation: $185,000 for youth educational development center at Camp Windy Wood;
Grant Parish Fire District No. 7: $90,000 for new fire station in Verda;
Development Institute for Rural and Urban Excellence: $75,000 for renovation of existing building for education and health care services;
Southern Grant Sewer System improvements: $3.38 million;
Regional Economic Development building rehabilitation: $290,000;

Claiborne Parish:
Homer Memorial Hospital: $190,000 for digital mammography machine, upper parking lot expansion, acquisition of bone density machine, hospital roof repair;
Wade Correctional Center: $65,000 for water well treatment plant construction, renovations to fire alarm system;
Town of Homer: $240,000 for renovations to town hall;

Union Parish:
Development of alternative water supply from Lake D'Arbonne for Lincoln and Unionparishes: $250,000;
West Sterlington Water System: $20,000 for system renovation, improvements;
Union Parish Law Enforcement District: $150,000 for new law enforcement services, training, emergency shelter complex;

Rapides Parish:
Outpatient clinics planning, construction: $15 million;
Tioga Heritage Parish and Museum: $50,000;
Central Louisiana State Hospital: $3.575 million for relocation of hospital to Pinecrest, upgrade to current electrical system;
Pinecrest $95,000 for sprinkler system and improvements to roadway and sidewalks;
England Economic and Industrial Development District: $200,000 for warehouse/distribution complex;
Woodworth Central Office complex for Wildlife and Fisheries Commission: $715,000;
LSU-Alexandria: $3.12 million for various improvements, renovations;
Sugarhouse Road/Eddie Williams Boulevard construction: $3.7 million;
Forest Hill: $645,000 for renovation of community facilities;
Rapides Waterworks District No. 3: $50,000 for color removal from wells 2 and 7 at Army National Guard, Camp Beauregard.