Its dang'rus out there

I'm warnin' all my woods kinfolks t' be on th' watch fer folks goin' hawg huntin' seein's how they's this Re-cessiion goin' on. I told 'em t' be mighty p'tickler cause they would prob'ly be folks out in th' woods huntin' fer meat, like they use' t' do, and us hawgs has been declared Fair Game any time, any where, without no Closed Season

Th' dern deers gits free corn, fresh planted clover an' all kinds 'a nice stuff t' eat, and then they git time off t' lollygag around th' woods when the "season" is over, jist makin' it that much more dang'rus fer hawgs t' be out an' around in daylight.

If them meat hunters is serious about what they doin' they might at least be good a'nuff t' drop us a few grains a' corn around here 'n there, so we wouldn' haf t' roof up their li'l ol' pine trees t' git a mouthful a' somp'n t' chew on and keep our ribs from stickin' t' our backbone.

If wild pork meat was good a'nuff fer th' ancesters back there in that de-Pression, it'd be good now'days. Y'all pass th' word around--bring th' corn if y'all gon' shoot us fer po'k chops.