Ol' Hawg Bunion

I been hangin' around that Dodson school grounds late of a night t' see if I c'n catch sight 'a whatever it was that plowed up that little grove 'a trees and rooted that li'l ol' swag down t' a flat place where they's buildin' a awful big pen 'a some kind.

I h'yeard somebody say it was a Cat, an' somebody said it was a Deere . . . but I ain't fooled by that kind 'a talk. They ain't no cat in th' world, even if it was t' be one 'a them Panthers them Dodson kids calls theirselfs, and fer sure no deer could mess up a piece 'a ground like that.

I studied n' studied about it, and I think I have fin'ly figgered it out. Couldn'a been nobody but ol' Hawg Bunion, that mighty tush-hawg boar a' th' Piney Woods, that ain't been seen in these parts in a while.

Th' way I h'yeard th' story way back when I was a shoat, ol' Hawg Bunion was a mighty big animal. When he come 'a tearin' th'ough th' woods they wad'n' nothin' er nobody could stop 'im, and they wern't many that even tried. He could root up a mile 'a rail fence an' rip up a forty-acre corn patch without breakin' a sweat. He takened on a whole pack 'a mean cur dogs an' sent 'em home a'whinin' fer their mamas jist fer a sport. Weren't no hawg hunter ever penned 'im, and he weren't never bayed. Any time Ol' Hawg Bunion come th'ough a place, what had been pig trails turned up t' be waggin roads, an' several 'a his sashays th'ough these piney woods made such a wide cut that folks started usin' 'em fer roads, and lots of 'em wound up graveled, and blacktopped with numbers on 'em. I reck'n that Highway 126 that runs th'ough Dodson must 'a been one 'a Hawg's routes, th' way it crooks an' turns goin' on t' Sikes and Grayson.

Ol' Hawg was a mighty rooter, and they ain't no animal but him could 'a takened that li'l ol' swag down there by th' Dodson school but him, an' I'm stayin' clear of it in case he's still around som'ers. I'm a purty good hand t' root myself, but I ain;t a circumstance t' Hawg Bunion, and he don't need me gittin' in his way, nohow. Y'all ort t' be careful, y'rselfs.