Hawg Rights!

Ever'thing these days is organized, with rules an' reg-a-lations fer how things s'posed t' be done. It's all got t' be sustainable, low carbon, sugar free, organic, equal opportunity, fire proof, low sodium an' fat free.

So, I got my eye set on organizin' a new, all-purpose club 'a hogs, t' git me an' my crowd in th' mainstream a' th' times an' th' gover'ment out a' our way. It'll be a self'reg'a'latin', tax-free, limited liability Corporation called Southern Root Hog Benevolent Society of Free Rangin' Pork Bearers. That'd be SRHBSFRPB. Pronounced just like it looks, an' easy if y' say it in Pig Latin.

Bein's as I'm th' duly elected an' well respected an' long servin' Loo-z-ana Pork Commissioner, I'll be th' permanent chairman, an' will take care 'a all th' dues collectin' an' questions a' membership eligibility an' initiation fees, meetin' skedules, attendance requirements, committee assignments, political endorsements, an' so forth an' so on, as these things come up. That'll make all th' dues payin' members free an' loose t' enjoy their fellership and frolickin' on their own time, without havin' t' trouble theirselves about a lot a' details they don't really understand, nohow, nor really care about.

I'm still busy writin' th' rules an' by-laws fer th' SRHBSFRPB, an' I'll let y'all know when I git 'em ready t' file at th' Court House. Up t' then, I want t' let ever'body know, us hawgs is gittin' perty t'ard a' what's goin' on, an' we ain't gonna take it no more. Don't git us all stirred up, or y' might find us Sittin' In on ya'll's Sunday picnics an'paradin' in front a' y'r Court House next time th' Po-lice Jury meets. Think about that.

Remember: SRHBSFRPB Stands Fer Hawg Rights!