12th Uncle Earl's in Winnfield March 23-26

The 12th annual Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials is scheduled at the Winn Parish Fair Grounds and Arena March 23-26. Entries by hunting dog owners from throughout the United States will be on hand to show and compete for prizes.

Rules for the show, announced by the sponsoring Winn Hog Hunters and Bayed Solid magazine, are:
Schedule: Thursday. March 23th- lst-Puppy Bay 0-6 months. -$20.00 per pup, 2 pups in pen. Limit of 75 pups accepted.
2nd Puppy Bay 7-12 months.-$20.00 per pup, 1. pups in pen, Limit of 75 pups accepted.
3rd-Old & Young- $50.00 per entry, 75 entries accepted. Young dog being 12 months & under.
Friday, March 24th- One Dog Bay -$35.00 per dog. Limit of 150 entries.
Saturday, March 25th-- Two Dog Bay-S55.00 per entry. Limit - 150 entries.
Sunday, March 26th- Will begin with the Youth Bay- $35.00 per entry. Limit of 50 entries. Dog entered in Youth bay may not be entered in any other event. Youth limited to one entry.
Second Event will be the High point Bay. Third event wi1l be Best of the Best. $200.00 per entry.

RULES: 1) Good Sportsmanship, Family oriented event, no alcohol, no drugs, no catch dogs allowed. Open containers will be checked at gate as you enter the arena area.
2) Dog will be pre-registered for all events. (If any event has not reached its limit of entries, we will take entries in Winnfield. Ask for details. All entries must be sent by certified mail or any kind of overnight delivery, accepted only February 22, 2006 through March 7. 2006. All entries postmarked before February 21. 2006 will. be returned. All an entries postmarked after March 6, 2006 will be returned. All entries received through 1st class ($.39 ) mail will be returned. All entries sent overnight or certified through the United States Postal Service may be sent to: Bayed Solid, P.O. Box 130, Hall Summit, LA 7l034. All other entries sent overnight by UPS, Federal Express, etc, may be sent to: Bayed Solid c/o Sharon Young, Rt 2 Box 114-A, Coushatta, LA 71019. No Hand-Delivered entries. All entries will be posted daily, by order of postmarks received for the day.
3) All dogs must be named through the mail. No buying spots without naming dogs. The dog name must be run, unless a statement from a veterinarian is brought to us on your vet stationery, or if the dog is hurt during the trial and unable to run in any further events. Only then will dogs be substituted.
4) No refunds, no exceptions.
5) The running order for each event will be done by computer, prior to each event, and posted during the calcutta. The only time your running order may be changed is if you have two runs close together, within (2) runs of each other. We will change your order if this happens.
6) Dog may be run only one time per event.
7) Each Dog owner/kennel/husband & wife, of couple will be limited to 3 entries per event (with the exception of the youth bay, 1 entry.) Each kennel/dog owner / couple will be responsible for their own entries, therefore only they will 'be allowed to make decisions or p1acement for each dog entered.
8) Five judge rule, high & low discarded.
9) A calcutta will be held for each event prior to each event. Calcutta will be split 75/25, paying 1st. 2nd, & 3rd places only.
10) No call out in any event.
11) Each dog must be on a leash before you exit the gate.
12) Prize money paid will be minus a $10,00 stock/worker fee for each entry, with the exception of the Best of the Best and the Youth Bay. Pay back will be 50/50. Puppy bays--trophy and money lst-3rd places.
13) Old & young, trophy and money, lst-3rd places.
14) One dog bay and two dog: bay: $1,000.00 added money, added directly to purse, 1st 5th money and trophy, 6tb.-l0th, trophy only. Money split as fo11ows: 45. 25, 15,10, & 5%. Calcutta paid same as # 9.
15) Youth Bay, money lst- 3rd places, 100%payback Calcutta 100% payback, lst-3rd places. Trophies 1st- 5th. AGE: not younger than 8 or older than 15.
16) A parent/guardian must. accompany child in pen. Parent/Guardian may not give voice command to dog. Child must handle their own dog. Parent/guardian may speak only for child's safety and after bay time is over to assist catching dog. One entry per child, dog entered only once, and. dog may not be entered in any other event. Also, dog entered must be child's; dog, not known as someone's specific dog in baying competition other than child's.
17) Best of the Best: Winner takes all, cash, trophy, and belt buckle. No voice command may be given as you approach the pen or during the two minute bay. Dog will be released within a ten foot circle inside the gate. Time begins when you release your dog. Handler must exit pen immediately. No call out pt. Pen workers will accompany you to retrieve your dog.
18) During all events No Complaints, No Protesting, Judges' scores will be final.
19) 1/10 pt. scoring system.
20) High Point eligibility Determined by the highest scores combined from the one dog bay and the two dog bay.
21) Best of the Best eligibility - a 30 from one or two dog bay.
22) If your dog catches during any event a break stick will be used to get the dog off.
23) No Female dogs in heat allowed.
24) Payment must accompany entries, payable to Uncle Earl's Hog Dog Trials.
GATE FEE: $5.00 PER PERSON, 12 & Under free. Information: 318-932-5937; 318-727-8847; 318-628-2239. www.bayedsolid.com