Photograph of Jesse Radcliff recalls story of Wourld War I death of Bienville soldier

A story by Journal Correspondent Mary K. Hamner of Castor, published in the November, 2007 edition of The Journal chronicled the death of a young soldier, Jessie Radcliff, who apparently was executed by firing squad for desertion, just hours before the Armistice ended hostilities.

That story was widely read and commented, as one of the sad personal outcomes of war.

Radcliff's grave marker is in the Ebenezer Cemetery in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, with the following inscription, taken from a note found in the young soldier's pocket when his body was shipped home for burial:

Jessie R. Radcliff
Born October 5, 1898
Died November 8, 1918
I am a long way from
home and this is the darkest
day of my life; as if there were
never no more stars to shine
for me. Let my father know
for he will call for me.

The photograph, with personal vital statistics, has been made available to Mrs. Hamner, who has been able to contact relatives of the young man in California.