Journal Plans June/July Issue

The Piney Woods Journal will publish a consolidated June and July edition for the current year, to allow staff vacations and office maintenance.

Advertisers and news sources are reminded to anticipate events normally announced in July, to have them included in the combined edition, which will be issued the first week of June.

All the regular features, plus extra articles and promotions for summertime travel will be included in the combined edition.

The June/July edition is planned to give time off to the full-time office staff of two persons, who have worked for most of the sixteen years of The Piney Woods Journal's history with little time off. Also, since moving our offices back to Dodson from Winnfield at the end of last year, there has been little time to do needed maintenance and to arrange for the organizing of the planned historical museum and retail sales department for various related products.

Staff will contact advertising clients for events in June and July, by telephone, mail, and in person, for an issue date of June 4. After publication and delivery of the edition, the office will be closed through July 4. Persons having material to submit, or in need of information about accounts or subscriptions are asked to observe this schedule.

The staff and management of The Piney Woods Journal thanks the public for their patronage during the past sixteen years, and looks forward to continuing to serve after taking some needed time off.