RK Report: 'Other' wanders in, settles down

By RK Fluff
Special to The Journal

A "mystery cat" that RK does not quite understand, has
shown up at the Castor residence, and remains under
study by the family.
Other has been in our neighborhood for a while now. The first time I knowed that there wuz a new cat around. I got all excited cause I thought maybe we could friendly up to each other an maybe get in some socializin. It wuz a mystery how Other just showed up and all, a meowing on the other side of the Old Woman's hog fence. Course the Ole Woman didn't know nothing about Other being aroun fer a while cause we'd meet up after dark. We fine'ly got cumfertable enough fer thet black an white Dude to meet up with me on the front porch.

Thet wuz a mistake o'course cause the Old Woman noticed right off that Other didn't have no tag aroun his neck a verifin that he'd had his rabies shots an all thet stuff. Course I didn't know if Other wuz a he or she and actually still don't. The only thing I know is that good lookin cat has never brung up a litter of baby kittens. Anyhow, the Ole Woman, she slapped her hands and said scat! She also moved my bowl of Meow Mix inside the house. Other musta got tired of the stuff he caught in the woods so he went on down the road and taken up at the neighbor's house.

The neighbors now, didn't need no more cats what with Satin, Miss Kitty, and Boots in perm'nent residence down there. Being the kind hearted folks they are they just tolerated another mouth to feed and didn't worry none about the new cat's lack of the Vet's collar. Within a few days IT became Other and took his place in line at the Meow Mix bowl along with the resident cats and the raccoons. There warn't no danger since Other never let enybody close enough for cuddlin or examining to solve the he or she question.

Other is a mystry though, a rambling around and about an disappearin fer a while and then comin back agin. Miss Kitty and her kid, Boots act like they don't like Other much but they tolerate It because he kinda keeps the ol male coon under control an runs him off when he starts be'in a bully to the ole Mama coon and her younguns' a tryin fer a turn at the feed bowl.

Me and Other and them other cats manage to wander up and down the road to gossip an all. The ole woman don't say nothin about me hangin aroun from time t' time with Other an them other cats. Nothin seems to bother her much except fer that new 'puter an now an then some uv them piney woods hogs a rootin aroun an tearin up the dirt in her wood lot.