RK indifferent to politics

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

I like it when the family comes home. I get rubbed and admired and I get to stay inside the house more. The old woman keeps telling me that I'm an outside cat and I admit that I like it in the wild woods among the other critters, a few of whom I like to eat. But, it's like I'm the main Manx during the holidays when the family comes home.

Cal, down the road gets the same treatment. She gets a bone or two while I get Cat treats. I pretend I like them and manage to eat a few while everyone is watching. What I like most though is when its cold and raining and someone lets me inside. My usual routine is to sharpen my claws on the old woman's carpet before I stretch out for a nap. Usually, I am just beginning to doze off when someone grabs me up, pets me, and tells me that I am a cute cat.

Sometimes, things really get out of hand when someone notices my hairballs and I get groomed. When I have cultivated those wads of hair into cushioning during the winter weather, and then some well intentioned individual yanks them out with a comb, I get really sore and cold. Now and then however, family activity and conversation winds down, and when I think I might finally go to sleep, inside out of the cold, that noisy thing on the wall gets turned on.

Even I wake up to watch those people jumping around in that box. No one ever explains how they get in there and where they go after all the noise is over. That Wheel thing catches my eyes and my eyes turn around every time the wheel does. I get a little upset because everybody is watching the stuff in that box and nobody is noticing me and then I get tripped over when they go to the kitchen for something to eat.

There is always something in that box called politicians staring into my face and asking me for something called support. I didn't understand a thing they were saying and was just beginning to doze off to sleep when this one guy called Obama began singing. When I began scratching on the door to get outside, the Old Woman opened the door and let me go--to be free from it all--an outside cat again.