RK is hunting for dry ground in a wet spring

By R.K. Hamner
Special Correspondent

I ain't never seen so much water in my life! Just bucketfulls was a comin offen th roof.

Course I ain't got one uv them litter boxes in th ole woman's house and hafta go out side tu take care of business, but goin outside was like bein under Niagara Falls. I like to have drowned a goin up under th house. I was a feared th house was a gonna wash on down th hill and intu th creek at enny time. When I saw that th creek was outen its banks and there warn't no dry way tu get into th woods, I was worse messed up than a settin goose in a hail storm! I finaly climed up on th ole woman's car a settin in th garage to take alook around.

It was a comin on dark, the time I usually go out intu th woods to do my socializing an all uv a sudden I heared this noise. I had heared it before but it had been a while and it took me a sume time to remember about them ghosts. They yip and scream and holler, then silence..them coyotes had gone.

Guess I musta dozed off up there on top uv that car and next time I knowed it was a comin on morning. Th rain was still a pourin down outside an I decided it was time I got outen out to check on my neighbors. Now them cats was all a layin up on top of the cars that was parked under a garage, same as me, so I didn't hang aroun there long.. It was still pourin down rain but I been wet before so I just went a wanderin on back down the road.

The rain wasn't botherin thu birds. I heared thu birds all talkin bout what they did last night, The mockin bird made a new conquest and the jay bird had a fight. That ole hawk that has a condo out in one uv them tall old oak trees in th ole woman's wood lot was a fightin with thu crows. Since thu garden's not planted yet, I guess them crows gotta find sumpin to do.

By that time th ole woman had dished me out some Meow Mix and decided she would see if'n she could get outside a while. Now th creek was over th road in places but she walked on off ennyhow. I follered as long as I could but when I saw a hole in the road big enough for thu horse to drown in, I cume along back home. I watched her from a distance as she put up sticks and red tape in that big hole and then come along back to thu house.

Next thing I know them folks that keep up the road was ON THE JOB! Guess they knowed same as me that thu ole woman has to get to town to pick up her newspaper ever day. Sure wouldn't want her to miss out on what is happenin with them folks a tryin tu get elected tu office.

Humans sure do have sume funny things to worry about. Take me fer instance. I know never to let thu ole woman see me a chasin or catchin a bird. If I can supplement my diet of Meow Mix with a rat now an then AND find a place high enough tu keep me from drowin in thu rain!