Cat’s life is mostly easy

By, R K Hamner
Special Correspondent

Well, the ole woman just got back from her morning walk. As usual she shut the gate when she left so’s I couldn’t foller her.  Course she let that son of her’s go along.  I heard ‘em talkin when they come back about that purty grey cat they saw.

Cal was a prancin around when they got back and a bragging an a waggin her tail cause she an that cat got acquainted.  Seems as how that dog gets to do all thu fun stuff. Course she has to wear one of them collers around her neck and part of the time she stays tied up to one of them straps that keeps her from chasin off. Cal an me showed up on the place about the same time.  It was providential I guess but sometimes I get sorta jealous of thet dog.  She gets to travel all over the place-tu Texas an back just a setin an a ridin in thu car and a lookin at thu scenery.

All I ever get to do is go down there tu Hall Summit onest a year to see that feler who sticks me with one uv them sharp needles.  An I have to ride down there in a cage.  It’s a now and then occasion when I have to ride up to Dazzzle Dog to stay a while but I do get some socializing in up there with the rest of them cats and dogs.

When all’s said and done, I guess I’d prefer to be me than that dog Cal.  Freedom wise, I guess I’m better off. I stay outside most nights and sleep inside in the daytime when it’s hot and cold most days.

Them whipper wills sings the purtiest songs at night.  Sometimes I sing along with em. Them wild hogs are a rootin around an talkin about what to do to keep from gettin in one uv them hog traps.

All I have to do to go, join my friends, and catch a rat or two, is just climb out over thu fence.  I climb back in come daylight and then after eatin a bowl of Meow Mix, just lay up somewhere and sleep.