Pea pickin' time is time for a cat to take it easy

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Corresponent

RK takes it easy during pea pickin time

It's pea pickin time! Fer th life uv me I just can't get all that enthusiastic about it. The old woman will set for hours a shellin them little green things outen th hull cep'en th times she takes the whole kit and caboodle over to them pea shellers. But even then she has to bring em home and do all that stuff, you know, getting em hot and then getting em cold and ready to go into that freezer thing.

An before all uv that, them peas hasta be picked outen that garden just up th road. She puts me outen th house sort of late in the day and then gathers up her bags and stuff an I don't see her agin til after dark sumtimes. That garden belongs to Cal I think. It's a wonder that that dog even lets enny body in that pea patch. I never go over that way in the day time, but comes night I slip over and check things out. I hear tell that there is a nest uv baby rabbits somewhere thereabouts but so far as I know Cal is the onlyst one who ever got to eat one uv em.

Cal, short for Caldonia, is kinda like me, a throwaway. She hung around the neighbor's house for a while and checked the situation out good before she decided ifn she wanted to stablish residence there. Now she rules th roost inside an out since she taken up, an even rides around in the car with her human. It most often takes a while but Cal and me finely got our folks trained so that we could live with em.

Can't figure it all out though, this pea pickin and shellin thing The old woman now don't have nobody to feed but herself excepin when them young'uns come home. Wonder if it has enny thing to do with that Great Depression thing she talks about. Course she never would admit that she's old enough to remember it but says that she reads about it. Come to think of it she did have a book around a tellin about all that happening in 1929 with the Wall Street crash. Course I sure weren't aroun during that time and what does pea shellin have to do with the Wall Street crash ennyhow?

The onlyst thing I can see good about pea shellin is that when the ole woman is a settin there pickin up one pod at a time to squeeze the fillin out of it, I'm usualy a sleepin inside on the carpet under the cool air a comin through that air coolin thing. As long as I have some Meow Mix in my bowl and a chance now and then to supple-mint my diet with a rat or two---well why shell peas!