RK can't escape a bath with Hairball Control

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

RK licks himself dry and catches a nap after a summertime bath
If I had'a knowed that a takin a bath was part of the routine in the Old woman's house, I would'a had second thoughts about adoptin her. After all, I give myself regular baths with my tongue. Course I have to admit that I can't do too much about them hair balls scattered around and about my body.

It's always a surprise when she grabs me up at the back of my neck and flings me inta a tub of water. My claws come out and I momen-torily weigh the pros and cons of usin then in defence of my long yeller hair. Jus momen-torily unnerstand. One of my first lessons in rules of behavior at the Old Woman's house was never never to use my claws on her. All it took was a rap across my head with her knuckles.

Well today wuz one of them cat hair washin days. I heared her a talkin to herself after she'd come in from outside, a mumbling and complainin about how bothersome them deer flies and redbugs was. She musta used Clorox in her bath water caused I smelled it, but then she got to talkin to me and a wonderin if I had any trouble with them blood suckers. Livin with her has made me know when something is a fixin to happen. I tried the best I knowed to git across to her that thet stuff she gets from Dr. Bethea keeps them insect pests down just as long as she remembers to dose me with it on a regular basis. Course it don't do nuthin bout them hair balls. I got up from where I was stretched out on the rug, all comfortable and all and walked to the door a actin like I wanted out. Course the Old Woman knowed that thet wuz just a evasive action on my part and next thin I knowed, she had me by the scruff of the neck headin fer that tub of water. I wuz a thinkin to myself just how my fur would look after it had been bleached out by Clorox and if my friends down the road would make fun of me.

Turns out, she had bought some shampoo, just fer cats. Hairball Control Shampoo, she said, made to help reduce hairballs, condition, and detangle. Course it din't help none with them hairballs and she still had to use her scissors to cut them out. I'm still a tryin to lick myself dry and that stuff sure don't taste good. Can'ts wait to git outside where I can roll in the dirt.