RK has his eye on those birds

By R.K. Hamner
Special Correspondent

Everbody has to have sumpin to do- even cats! Since I moved onto th ole woman's property all them rats is gone exceptin one that is holed up in the utility building. Me and that rat has friendlied up an he watchies fer me every day. Don't know if it's because I'm a getting older or that rats a getting smarter. Tell you th truth, if I ever managed to git him between my claws I wouldn't know what tu do with him. He is one smart rat and I don't think he would taste very good at his age.

Th rabbits keep outen my range since them boys put a fence around th ole woman's yard. She keeps the gate shut most of the time to keep them rabbits and deer out. If she forgets to keep the gate closed sometimes them armadillos and skunks manage to slip in but did you ever try bitin into either one of them critters?

Once in a while I get me one of them moles. They's kinda hard to catch cause you have to dig em outen their burrows. They ain't fitten to eat but I like to just toss em back and forth between my paws till they give up and play dead.

I'm a tellin you all this to let you know that I've found me a new game. One of them boys put a bird feeder on the ole woman's porch an them birds fly in there like bees to a honey hive.

Course thu ole woman don't like it a bit but I'm a spendin a lot of time lately just a settin an watchen them birds. Theys all different colors, red, blue, brown, gray, an they sure do like that stuff in that feeder.

An you know what! I can watch them from the inside of the house from several different places, the window sills mainly and from the flower beds and front porch on the outside.

Now I never have managed to friendly up with one of them birds and the ole woman said I'd better not. But! If I ever get close enough------

Who knows what will happen!