RK gets the holiday spirit at home alone

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

There warn't no warnin at all. The Ole woman cume in from a mowin, laid me out a quilt to sleep on and filled up my feed bowl with Meow Mix. Then she got in that car with her suitcase in hand and jus drove off down the road. The day kinda wore on and she didn't come back an jus tween us I was worried. I ambled off down the road to th neighbors house to see if'n she knowed th scoop.

She knowed without me a askin what I was worried about.

"They're gone to Arkansas," she said. "If you'd learn to ride in a car without yowlin non-stop all the way there and back and learn how to foller along on a leash- you could'a gone too like that dog Caldonia that lives down the road. Word is that she went along fer th ride to look at th leaves up there."

Well, after I got the scoop, I turned around an flounced off down th road in a snit. I wondered jus what there is in Arkansas worth goin to see anyhow. Whoever heared of goin somewhere to look at th leaves. Why they're a fallin here by th bushels an I can't walk across th yard without collectin a bunch of em in my fur. I always take some with me into the house to scatter aroun on the carpet an make a mess for th ole woman to clean up.

Course I'd had some experience a livin on my own before th ole woman took me in but I'd got used to layin up in the warm house all day. Winter's a comin, I thought. I could tell by the ground. My feet got cold an I was out a traipsing aroun. It was a comin up Christmas and I had Stuff to do. Old Santa an his reindeer will be surfin th skies and if I watch careful I kin see em with my eyes.

It was a month before Christmas and I was outen th house. Nothin waz a stirin cause I had cleaned out all the rats from th house. After a while th ole woman come home an when she let me back in th house Santa Clause had slipped by me, fell down the chimney and got stuck on top of a bird house and armadillo the old woman had left inside the fireplace.