A Catty Christmas vacation

By: R K Hamner
Special Correspodent

I know for a fact that when th ole woman drags out my travelin case sumpin is on my agenda. Sometimes it means that I'm a goin down to Hall Summit to see Lisa and her assistant, the vetenarian. Other times it means that I'm in fer a big surprise.

It was on a Friday before Christmas and I couldn't think of nuttin on the agenda that needed tendin to before that holiday. Usually Christmas was th time the ole woman's young'uns come home. It was a time I liked with them all pettin and rubbin me and a feedin me treats while we all watched for Old Santy Claus to come a ridin up in his sleigh.

Thu surprise was that we traveled longer than usual with me a meowlin all the time I was a traveling in thu back seat of th ole woman's car. When we finally stopped in front of this building up at Sibley all decorated by flowers planted outside, I hushed up. I had been there before but what in the world was I doin there just before Christmas. Asusual, me and my cage was carried in and passed on to this nice young lady who always greets us with a smile.

It was on a Friday an I started countin the days. Surely the ole woman will come and get me before Christmas I thought. The days rocked on and before me and my Dazzle Dog friends knowed it, Christmas had come and gone. I heard something that sounded like St. Nicklas a time or two and I meowed out, "All I want for Christmas is fer th Ole woman to cume an get me!"

Finally, one day, that sweet lady at Dazzle Dogs come in to our nest, gathered me up and zipped me into my travelin case. I got mighty quiet when I got into the old woman's car an didn't say a single meow on thu way home.

Soon as I was let out though, I walked around outside expressin how glad I was to have my vacation over with and a meowing Happy New Year!"