RK guards the pansies form deer at night

By RK Hamner
Special to The Journal

I've been a mite busy these days stayin out all night to keep them deer out of th ole woman's yard. She's just planted pansies around and about and when them deer get all filled up with acorns, well you know, them pansies would just be their desert.

So- I just come on in for few minutes every mornin to fill up on Meow mix an then go back out tu lay around in thu sun to rest up. I get tu watch them squirrels a swingin back and forth through them trees. Thems thu busiest fellers I ever did see. Thu ole woman told me that her Mama used to cook them squirrels after her Paw had gone a huntin and fetched a few of them in.

Them birds outside are entertain too a flittin here an there. Thu ole woman watches for thu ones that come by to eat thu berries offen thu youpon bushes but she never can remember their names. Course there's them hawks that nest every year outen the ole woman's woodlot. But none uv em have fell out uv th nest this year.

The ole woman talks to herself some times quotin something her sister used to say. " God's beautiful world. God's beautiful world. I love God's beautiful world."

I do too! Now if I could just keep them deer from eatin thu old woman's pansies!"