RK survives renovations

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspodent

I didn't see nuthin wrong with it myself. In fact, I'd been thinkin that whoever it was that flung me out by the old house had done me a favor. Sure, there was cracks in the garage floor but they didn't keep me from getting to my Meow Mix every day. The bricks outside was leanin out so the wasps could build nests inside but that didn't bother me none.

First I knowed somethin was in the works was when the old woman's sons was a walkin around outside a scratchin their heads and a talkin. Them wasps resented them intrudin on their privacy and was a divin at them but I think them boys has had a lot of practice fightin wasps.

Later on, when they was a talkin to the old woman, I heard her a tellin them about the history of the old house. "It was built in the early 50s," she said. The lumber used was from another old house that had done fell down. Then in 1959, the family had out-growed the old house and a new house was built. She got my attention when she told about how the old house was kind of booted out of its place and moved off down the road. I can relate to that.

I dozed off before I heard what the plan was a goin to be. It was just after we had all had a big Thanksgiving meal and I was full of turkey and had fell into a coma from all the rubbin and pettin that I wasn't used to having all the time. Next I knowed there was a noise out side that sounded like a hailstorm. Bricks was being tore down and them wasps was worse messed up than a settin goose in a hailstorm!

I snatched a few bites of Meow Mix and then climbed over the hog fence and holed up out in the woods where I could see what was a hap-nin. Looked to me like the roof was a getting ready to fly off. Then I saw that it was all propped up and the old woman's car was somewhere else. Then things quieted down a while an them boys went off somewhere in the truck. I had dozed off to sleep when I heard this noise. It was this tractor lookin thing INSIDE the garage with some kind of hammer beatin up the slab!

Then, after a lot of diggin out and hauling off and stirrin around with shovels, all them concrete trucks and finishers showed up. I got close enough to see them finishin men a stomping around in that wet concrete in their boots.

Stuff like that has a been goin on since Thanksgivin. There was times when things would quiet down and me and the old woman would settle back in to gardenin and mowin and stuff. Things would rev up agin when her sons would come back and do stuff like cuttin the concrete front porch into and haulin it off down the road. If I had knowed that the foundation of the old house was close to fallin down, I sure nuff wouldn't a been under there a chasin rats.

Speakin of rats, they sure left enough stuff to remember them by up in the walls that was tore out. Didn't see no live ones a runnin around though. Guess I earned my keep over the years I've lived here with the old woman.

The old woman kept a journal of sorts about all the go-ins-on the last five months but what I remember best is when everybody was a setting around at night a laughing and telling stories. The old house is a looking a lot better accordion to the old woman with new sheetrock, brickwork, paint, and new foundation. She even got the Sew Tidy women to come in and clean the carpet. The only thing is, now I'm expected to sleep on the towel she spreads out.