RK finds hog fence not bad

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

It was a wild hog invasion of the worst kind! Them hogs just rooted the ground up in th wood lot next to my yard. You guessed it! The old woman freaked out, a wonder'n if them hogs was a gonna come on up in her yard and root up her grass patch an flower beds.

Old Nosie, my armadillo friend, made his usual rooting rounds one night and the old woman and our neighbor agreed, them wild hogs was sure nuff comin up closer and would make ruts her lawnmower would have a hard time bouncin over. Then was when the telephone callin started.

Wild hogs, I hear, have become the most disliked and most gossiped about animal since they hit the hills some years ago. High water in the swamps was blamed for them a moving up our way. It was then that they discovered all that corn them hunters put out for the deer. "Why root round in all that mud when all that corn an' stuffs just layin out there sayin 'come and suck it up,' " one uv them rooters tole me.

I don't know what it was them hogs had found to eat out there in that wood lot, but they sure plowed it up. The old woman was sure nuff stirred up. She had heard the talk and she wanted the scoop on how to keep them suckers from tear'n up her yard.

One neighbor, she knew, had been plagued by them rooters until she was fraid to walk across her yard for fear of fallin down into a gully and never be'n found. Another feller had to get a dozer in to repair his damage. Opinion was that nothin but shootin, trappin, or fencin would do any good.

When I saw a load of wire and posts loaded in my yard, I knowed what had to be next. I liked all the activity that came before the fencin started, but then it dawned on me. If the hogs was a gonna be fenced out, that meant that I was a gonna be fenced in. If only them fencers knowed how much I depend on them wood rats for my livin. I sneaked outside to my woods and yowled as loud as I could, but it didn't make no difference. The fence went on up. It took a few days but then I was fenced out, away from my daily meow mix.

I hear'd the old woman whistle when she put my food out that first night. I sulked and waited till she'd gone off to bed before I sneaked in. I made it a point to be outside the fence the next mornin thinkin she would pity me and think I was a starvin. When I didn't come when she whistled, she went right on a puttin out some more cat chow a know'n I had cleaned up the bowl last night.

Course cross'n that fence didn't mean nuth'n to me but it just made me have to change my usual routine a go'n in and out from the woods to the yard and vice versie. I didn't mean for her to see me on top of one of them fence post. When she come out side with the camera in her hand, I knowed I was caught, couldn't fool her no more. Shoulda known she'd seen me climb up a tree too many times before.