RK survives armadillo attack

By R K Hamner
Special Correspondent

Some critters don't have no respect for fences. It all happened just when I was a tryin to take a nap in the ole woman's front yard. Just all uv a sudden three of them armadillos was inside the yard fence an a rootin an a runnin around an a actin like they had found the garden of Eden.

It took th ole woman a while to notice but when she saw them a rootin around in her flower beds, she started a chasin em with her broom. Them critters didn't pay her much attention and finally two of em got into a fight.

Don't know what was a stirrin em up. They didn't pay too much attention tu the ole woman an her broom but two of em got all wet and dirty a runnin up in a culvert in the front driveway. Made me wonder if one of them armadillos was a woman and the two in the culvert was two guys a fightin over her.

Finally them armadillos noticed th ole woman with the broom and all three uv them run up under the house. By that time I was a getting pretty bored and sleepy. When I waked up them armadillos and th ole woman had disappeared. If they come back again maybe I can figure out iffen they ever come out from under the house.

Thu ole woman is still putting my meow mix out every day so, I'm a guessin them armadillos didn't root the house down. They must have found their way out the hole underneath the hog fence.