It takes patience to kee a cat

By R K Hamner
Special Correspondent

RK rflects on life as an adopted dependent house
pet and mildly famour philosopher.

According to the cal-cu-lations made the first time I visited that Vet down at Hall Summit, I was born on January 1, 2008. Accordin to my own calculations, I've been managing thu old woman's place for over ten years. Guess if'n I'd kept up with all them rats and other critters I cleaned out over them years it would mount up to a lot a money.

I never really have thought of all the money th ole woman spent a takin care of me an all though. Lookin back and re evaluatin the expense of my keep, I've been costin more than I thought. Guess it was summat like a kid a growin up and never movin off!

First of all there's them years when no tellin how many sacks of Meow Mix was required to feed me all them ten plus years an I'm still a eatin..

Think of all that gasoline required a takin me down to that Vetenerian.

Then there was stuff to buy to keep them fleas and ticks in control.

Then I had to be treated for them illnesses I might get like Feline Leukima, or rabies and who knows what else.

To top all that off- there was them times when th ole woman went on vacation and didn't want me to be home alone. Course it was kinda nice for me to go up to Dazzle Dog- socialize with them other critters and catch up on all the gossip.

Guess when alls said and done- we adopted critters live a purty good life and really enjoy bein adopted by them humans.