RK Has a Question!

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

It's been downright cold aroun here lately and I'd been a layin up in th house a lot and catchin up with my sleepin and eatin and all, and then all uv a sudden there it was, a new family member. It all started after th ole woman and her young'un went on one uv them weekend trips they're always a going on. It's a getting tu be a habit with her and I still don't like it much.

Like always she just puts out enough food fer several days and lays me a quilt out in the garage to sleep on and never even tells me where they're gone off to or when they'll get back. To tell you th truth I guess I've cume up on bein a little bit spoiled after havin bein taken in by the old woman. I had lived on my own before windin up on her front porch and was used tu eatin whatever I could catch with my claws and chew up with my teeth. Now as how I'm used to th easy life of chow'in down on Meow Mix and sleepin in th house most all day, I know them rats and rabbits is glad I ain't a chasin them aroun an messin up their routine.

Sos ennyhow, after a few days th ole woman an her youngun come back and I flounced around and acted like I didn't want to be petted, but it weren't long before we all warmed up to each other again. After a bait of fresh Meow Mix I curled up on thu carpet and listened in on the conversations a goin on. They was a talkin about stuff like list'nin to them grand girls a playin in the Baylor Symphony Orchestra. I started a doz'n off and then they started a talkin about going tu a dog rais'in place out there in Blum, Texas. They started ohh'in an ahh'in about how cute them German Shepherd an Rottweiler puppies was, and th ole woman's daughter was a talkin about goin back out to buy one. Thu thought uv livin with a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler dog wuz the worst nightmare I could think of. But time rocked on, thu youngun went on home, and I kinda fergot about the whole thing.

It's still downright cold aroun here and I'd still been a layin up in thu house a lot and catchin up my sleepin and eatin and all, and then---there was a knock on the door and all uv a sudden there it was!! That young'un was a bringin thet new family member to visit. He ain't full growed yet an I still got time tu teach him about my teeth and claws. But what I'm wonderin is--- Is thet German Shepherd puppy my first cousin or what?