RK works hard in the Spring time

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

Early Spring is RK's time to live an in and outside life. He is always waiting at the door in early morning for th ole woman to let him in. After having been outside all night he is hungry for his bowl of Meow Mix. After gobbling it down, he lets th ole woman know it is time to let him outside, Right Now!

Gives one cause to wonder where he goes, who he's socializing with, and what he finds so interesting outside, most time in th dark.

Th ole woman knows that he watches the birds a' flitter all around. One of his favorite spots is in front of the azaleas under the big oak tree. He's never been caught with a bird in his claws.

Course th ole woman laid out the rules about him a botherin th birds when he showed up on the front porch that day. Not botherin the birds was etched in RK's brain.

Spring time seems to generate all kinds of critters, deer, hogs, turkeys, but all of them is too big for RK to catch. But there is other game that keeps RK busy both day and night most times. He cleaned out the rats early on when he came to live with the ole woman. Rabbits were interesting but they are a little fast for him to catch.

However, in early Spring th ole woman's yard gets all plowed up. It's interesting to see all them rows of dirt being plowed up. When they are a workin, RK will set for hours a trying to figure out how to ketch one of them moles

One morning the ole woman walked out just in time to see RK a tossin one of them moles around in the air. The mole would lay real still when he hit the ground a play\_in like he was dead. RK would push him around a tryin to make that mole move. After a while the mole would try to get away but he never did.

Th ole woman didn't know if moles would bite but after a while she stooped down and picked it up. RK was some put out and follered th ole woman around just a meowling. That little mole was the cutest little critter and just snuggled down in the ole woman's hands. Th ole woman went walkin off down the road tryin to figure out how to save that little critter from a big ole Manx cat.

Two miles later th ole woman had her walk in, RK was exploring out in th woods , and the mole was set down close to a neighboring mole run. Don't know what RK caught to eat that day but he must have found something. He surely hasn't lost any weight.