RK sends poetic New Year's Greeting

By RK Hamner
Special Correspondent

My routine has changed sum what since summer when I laid up most of the day a sleepin under th old woman's air coolin. Course I got a purty good excuse cause I have to wear my heavy fur coat all uv th time, whatever th season. But thangs change an now I just check intu th house twyst a day to get a few bites of my Meow mix and then I'm gone off tu join all them other fellers down at the 6Point Huntin club.

This morning th ole woman was kinda slow a letting me out so I started my hunt inside th house. I went round th walls a thinkin I might smell out sumthin, a rat maybe, but all I saw was one uv them air scorpions. Figurin that it might not taste so good, I left him under th bed an started a rootin around behind th furniture and stuff. All at once I heared somethin. It was th ole woman a talkin to herself. " Now where could that cat be?" she said. She was a huntin me!

Course I took off like a scart rabbit while she had the door open, climbed over the feral hog fence and started on my way. In th gentle blush of morning, th dawnin of th day, I look up through the lumberin pines an experience th day. I hear th birds all talkin of what they did last night. The mockin bird made a new conquest an th jaybird had a fight. Th wind comes by to kiss my cheek, I warmed to the embrace. A dew drop jumped outen a tree and sizzled on my face.

Mornin's rosy dawnin just brushes th night away. I stand in all it's glory-a feelin the touch of th day.

Early ever mornin I hear th coyotes song. Stop a while to listen cause it doesn,t last fer long.

An old dog howls and joins in to the cacophony of sound. Their wildness seems to call us to their wand'rings all around.

It thrills me so to hear em. And I listen to their song. They yip and scream and holler, then silence.. . them ghosts have gone!

Th ole woman has been a talkin about putting sume kind of picture takin machine on my back so she can see the stuff I see when I'm a huntin. Them deer, bobcats, beavers and stuff is sure nuff out there in them woods. Once in a while I catch me one of them big rats or a rabbit but I leave them big fellers to them hunters down the road.