Cal Comes Home, and RK is happy again

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

Cousin Cal is welcomed home by RK...
• R.K. Report

Cal's been traveling aroun' a lot lately and I was some kind of happy to see her and that boy come a drivin' up. Me an her kind of showed up in the same community a while back, both of us aroun' th' same time. Both of us had been throwed out by th' side of the road an got taken in by our neighbors. It took Cal, (nickname for Caldonia), a while to friendly up with that feller livin' down th' road, but I wuz about at th' end of my rope when I was a layin' out on th' ole woman's front porch. After she doled out a drink of milk in a saucer a hopein' I'd get enough strength to move on off, I was her friend from that day forward.

It taken a while for me and Cal to friendly up to one another since she was a dog and I was, an still am, one of them Manx cats. Finally after a lotta years we found out that we like some of th' same things, like catchin' an eatin' rats and rabbits and roamin th' woods an' sleepin' in th house in the daytime. She likes to ride aroun' in the car and has traveled all over th' place with that boy. Sometimes them an' th old woman goes on trips. Cal likes it when they stop at one of them burger places and she gets to have a French fry.

I don't never get to go nowhere in no car unless it's down to Hall Summit to see that man who sticks me with a needle or to that place where they put me up for a spell when th' ol' woman is off on a trip. When I asked her why I couldn't go she tole me that if'n I'd learn to hush up and not go meow, meow, meow all the way then I could go too.

When Cal come back to visit she kinda looked glad to see me again. She come in a totin' all kind of stuff, her bed and blankets, a long rope she has to be staked out to when she's outside in unfamiliar territory, an her feed bowl. I tried out her bed once and she wanted to try out my Meow Mix. I found out soon enough that she was on a diet of special dog food and was limited to one cup in th' morning and one half cup at night cause she has gained too much weight.

She had another problem I learned after her and me had been sleepin' close together fer a few nights an' them fleas she was a feedin' decided to take a taste of me. Cal got a bath outside with th' water hose and some flea chaser stuff, but I got flung inta the bath tub.