Ordeal of RK and the Rabbit

By R K Hamner
Special Correspondent

When I first come tu live with thu ole woman, I'd catch me one uv them rabbits now and then. Normally I'd eat a few bites fer sort of an appetizer- thn drag thu leavins into thu ole woman's garage.

She'd take what was left and bury it -sort of have her a rabbit funeral in one of her flower beds. She didn't seem as happy about the rabbit leavins as she did about them rats I brought in though.

When them young'uns put up that hog fence, I seldom saw any rabbits. The only place they could come in was down at the creek where the fence crossed over- same place them armadillos, skunks, and possums sneaked in.

Ennyhow- one morning thu ole woman went out to open up thu gate when she was on her way out to feed thu horse -AND- low and behold there was a rabbit hung up in betwixt the gate wire.

I coulda taken care uv that rabbit but the old woman tells me to git on back and let her tend to it. Ole Brer Rabbit was hung up, half in and half out thu other side. He'd been strainin mighty hard to pull through. Thu ole woman was a tryin hard to be gentle cause that rabbit was a bleedin and all.

FINALLY she managed to work that rabbit out. He looked mighty pitiful but when he found out he was loose, he jumped up and run off into thu woods on thu other side uv the road.

Now I jumped up from my layin down watchin position and chased off behind him with thu old woman a yellin at me to stop. That Rabbit finally found him a hole that I couldn't get in but I stood there and guarded that rabbit in that hole fer a long while. That oughta teach that ole rabbit better than to be a tres-passin into the ole woman's yard!