RK glad to be home after trip
It ain't much fun bein' takern off in a closed-up box

By R. K. Hamner
Special Correspondent

I allus know to gear up and face thu inevitabul when th ole woman drags out that travelin cage she puts me in an we head off up thu road. I can't never tell which way we're a goin cause when she zips me up inside that cage, I can't see out. Course I know from xperence that I'm a goin to one of two places. It's either over to see Dr. Bethea or up to Sibley to spend sume time with them Dazzel Dog folks.

Imagine my surprise when thu ole woman stopped up th road tu pick up sume folks and my cousin Cal. Mullin things over like I always do, I thought tu myself, " we's a goin off on one uv them trips and they are a takin me along. Thu ole woman tole me onct that I could go if I wouldn't yowl all thu way down thu road and back. I'd get tu stay in one uv them pet friendly hotels, like Cal, if'n I'd just relax, enjoy thu scenery an stop meowlin all thu way down thu road.

I think I got in five long meowling complaints per mile on thu road up to Dazzel Dog. Nuttin like keepin up tradition I thought tu myself just before I felt thu car pull in and stop in front of thu cat hotel. Don't know why they named it Dazzel Dog when famous cats like me stay up there too. They coulda named it Famous Cat Hotel, or RK Haven or sumethin like that.

It took them folks up there a whil tu get me unzipped outen that cage and settled in tu my new inviornment. Thu ole woman didn't even wave good bye. She just walked off an left me there like an orphan cat. Course it don't take me long tu friendly up to them other cats and show them dogs what ferocious claws I have. After about a week and a half I got to where I didn't even miss thu ole woman and had settled into the daily routine with my new friends. I got caught up on all thu gossip and my daily Meow Mix was doled out on a regular basis. Tu tell thu truth, I put on sume extra weight while I was a vacationin up at that Cat Spa.

Suddenly, one day, I heared thu phone a ringin and sumebody said, " Yes, RK is a doin fine. Yes, we are open and you can pick him up." It took a whil fer me to say goodbye to all my friends but eventually I got zipped back into my travelin cage and was on thu way back home.

Course theys' no place like home and when thu ole woman unzipped my travelin cage, I looked up at her with a scowl an then run off thru th woods. Since then I've spent a lot of time in the wide open woods a renewing my contacts with friends. Thu cats down thu road wuz happy tu see me and the horse up thu road nickered at me. Thu ole woman is still trained tu feed me a couple of times a day, morning and night, but then I stand by thu door an tell her to let me out so I can enjoy my freedom agin.