Heat a pain for Cool Cat

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

When the cat adopted the old woman, she thought they had an understanding. The cat was to be an outside cat except at night. All the cat experts agree that it's best that a cat not be left out at night. Coyotes prowling around could eat one up, fur, tail and all. It worked for a time, the cat came inside the garage for his nightly feeding, and the garage door came down- kerwhump! Early each morning RK was fed and released to go about his daily routine. Often he would wander off into the woods or look around the mole runs to see if he could detect any motion within. He was on his own but at night he was supposed to be guided by the old woman's rules.

As the temperature increased the cat wandered less, shot up trees hardly ever, and just generally became lethargic during the daytime hours. A friend who has six?? Cats (all outside cats by the way) and the old woman brainstormed as to what was troubling RK. She went into detail as to how she wormed her cats and the old woman didn't tell her that the last time she tried to medicate a cat he died, but, she made a mental note to check with the vet and then the cat rebelled!

The coming into the garage at night thing had gotten to be a problem when the weather heated up with RK dragging his feet all the way. Finally he had to be forcefully gathered up in the old woman's arms leaving her covered all over with cat fur. She did her best to keep the cat brushed and thought to herself, "It's the heat. What if I had to wear a fur coat in summer's oven? It is hot in the garage."

On the next trip in to Wal-Mart she bought RK his own personal fan. So now he had his own personal suite in the garage complete with bed, litter box, feed and water bowls, and a FAN! He doesn't sleep in the bed, doesn't use the litter box, and certainly did not like the fan! None the less, he was in for the night, or so the woman thought.

RK normally is a quiet cat who seldom mews and the woman normally couldn't hear him if he did. Obviously he didn't like the fan; he didn't like being shut inside the hot garage, and protested with loud yowls that the woman could hear even after she took her hearing aids out of her ears. MEEEOWWLLLL!

For a time there was a standoff but in the end both the cat and the old woman won. RK escaped the fan and the hot garage and the woman was able to get some sleep. The coyotes haven't eaten him yet and Snert and his raccoon family come into the garage each night to eat the cat food RK leaves for them.