RK takes a night stroll

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

These cold winter days ain't good fer nothing but sleepin, but when it's a comin up dark, I always let the Ole Woman know that it's time she was a letting me out side. If'n she don't let me out the first time I pat her with my foot, I dig a little deeper with my claw the second time. I like to get out early enough to watch the sun a settin and a paintin up the sky with all them colors. Once in a while I hear them ole bullfrogs a croaking an then it is that I hear them air coyotes a howling. It thrills me so to hear em, and I listen for their song. They yip and scream and holler, then silence- them ghosts are gone.

Other, and sometimes Miss Kitty and Boots are a waitin outside fer me and then we begin our ramble around and about through the woods deep into the night. At night the light flows from the moon like gentle candlelight. We walk, us cats, not bothered by no birds that we can't catch. The moon positioned on a point beyond high noon cast light on trees making canopies of shadows where we walk onward though the night and watch the sky.

Ain't none uv us hungry but if we accidently happened up on a rat we'd shore nuff have us a chase an a meal. Just in case there might be one or two down at that there huntin camp that needed a cleanin, out we allus check it out. We look aroun to see if'n there's any deer meat worth eatin down there, but there's never nothin left around but the hide an thu scrapins. We smell aroun where them ole hogs has been a rootin their snouts in the dirt a huntin for grubs and stuff like that.

We check up on all thu neighbors an try to start their dogs to barkin. Since sumbody messed up the time an all, we have to start back home before the sun lights up thu woods an all. As usual, thu ole woman is up a makin coffee and has my Meow Mix a settin out fer me. Boots and my other friends go along back down thu road to their house and then it's time fer me to cuddle up and get my day's rest in.