RK organizes castaway club

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

The old woman didn't realize that RK had concerns but Miss Kitty and Boots down the road did. They had all three been adopted, knew where they came from and didn't want to go back there-but what about the rest of their family? What happened to their brothers and sisters, Ma and Pas? Since they had made that fateful trip to the vet-they know that they are the ends of the line, BUT, will their siblings carry on their genealogy line? maybe name one of their cats after their uncles and aunts?

Miss Kitty, the brains of the bunch, helped Boots and RK come up with a plan. "Since we three know all about being slung out by the side of the road to root hog or die we need to organize us a club. I will be president," she said, " Boots can be VP, and RK can be chief rat killer. We'll call it the Castaway Club."

"You mean I'll be treasurer, don't you Miss Kitty," RK said. "That means I get to collect treats at every meeting. And what about Cal and Gypsy down the road? Are we gonna let them join? Dues could be cat treats from cats and puppy treats from dogs."

It was an exclusive club the animals organized that night. As they mapped out the goals and plans, they decided that membership was only available for former cast offs. Both Cal and Gypsy qualified because both lived nearby and had been adopted. Boots and Miss Kitty descended from a cast off making them eligible and RK was an almost starved, abused animal when he found the old woman. So even if they were a little confused about their cause, they thought they had one.

An agenda for the first meeting gradually evolved. They would meet, adopt BI-laws and getting together would help with socialization with their own kind. Humans get kinda boring after a while. So, in the imagination the Castaway Club met one night when their humans weren't around to interfere.

Gypsy was first up on the agenda to tell of her dislike of snakes, especially rattlesnakes! Cal interrupted to say that cottonmouth bites weren't too pleasant either. The two dogs got into a fight about what kind of bites are worst and the meeting sort of fell apart. In the confusion, Miss Kitty and Boots left in a huff and RK ran up a tree, meowing The Meeting Is Adjourned! And then . . . he waked from his dream.

RK, nominated himself as Treasurer of the Castaway club, catches a nap before alloting treats.

Boots is pretty persnickety, but was accepted

Cal, adopted nearby, was admitted to membership by paying his dues in treats.

Gypsy overcame rattlesnake bites to join the club.