RK checks old woman's flours for mouse

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

I ain't come in with no rats lately. Don't necessarily mean I'm not still huntin' em. The ole woman tole me that I wuz so fattened up on all thet Meow mix I been a eatin that I am too slow to catch a rat or a rabbit either. Course she don't know about them other critters and deer hunters out there in them woods that's got them rats and rabbits so skeered thet even I had'nt been able to cume up on one of em.

All I seen aroun the ole woman's yard and wood lot lately has been where them armedillers are a rootin around. They got the place so plowed up thet the ole woman's yard mowin has got to be a challenge. I watch her a bouncing aroun and think maybe a rat would get skeered and come out uv their hidin place but I ain't seen one yet.

Them armedillers and them Pineaus Woods rooters shore ain't got much taste a rootin their snouts in th ground nose an all. Hard to figger just what it is they find so tasty. The ole woman's paw used to turn his hogs outen the pen in Fall of the year so's they could fatten up some on them acorns an hicker nuts thet wuz a fallin.. Guess them nuts must be better than them grubs and worms the armedillers eat.

Course them hogs usta come up under a lot of stress this time of year when the ole woman's paw and his boys went out in the woods a hog huntin. They'd allus find a few of them rooters to bring home stretched out over sumbody's back on a limb not never to root no more. They'd wind up in a barrel uv hot water, the ole woman said, an then they'd have all their hair scraped off. Thet hog killin time uv the year must'a been exciting. Some of them hog's parts wuz hung up to smoke and other parts wus ground up and stuffed into the hog's intestines. Think they called them chitlins.

Maybe them rats are a rangin out in the woods these days with all thet deer corn the hunters are a scatterin around. I never really knowed just what them rats eat. All I know is thet they shorely trashed up the ole woman's attic before I adopted her. Been checkin out her flower beds lately but hadn't cume up on narry a one.