RK's Gift

By Mary K. Hamner

Christmas is comin
Tho it makes not a sound-
There's frost on the flowers and-
all over the ground.
I looked for a warm place
On the old woman's car,
The quilt she had left there
Was lackin by far
The warmth of the house.
I wanted inside!

I remembered that Santa
Was a gen'ros ole man
While my paws were a thawin
I came up with a plan.
Dear Santa I wrote
Inside of my head,
I can live with the outside
Of this old homestead-
All I'm askin for Christmas
Is not pricey at all-
Just get me inside
Inside of those walls.

Then in a moment
I heard on the roof
Prancing and paw'in
Reindeer hoofs.!!
I didn't see Santa.
But he must have been there
Cause all of a sudden,
I felt hands in my hair.
She had opened the door
Quiet as a mouse.
The old woman relented,
Let me inside the house.