Reck in Arkinsaw

I don't know it y'all h'yeard about it, but they was a big reck up in Arkinsaw h'yere awhile back that involved some 'a my kinfolks. Th' way it turned out, it done my folks a lot 'a good, even though they was involved in it.

What happened was, a feller come th'ough th' country buyin' hawgs, an' several folks around commenced t' roundin' up t' sell out, on account 'a th' hard times in th' loggin' biznis, and they needed th' money. I don't reck'n I could 'a blamed 'em fer that, but I was worried about 'em grabbin' up some 'a my folks an' croppin' their ears, jist t' make a dollar. Sure 'nough, I h'yeard about three er four a' my relatives that got rounded up, an' I figgered they has headed t' th' smokehouse fer sure. Weren't nothin' I could do about it, so I tried not t' think on it much.

Well sir, it turned out better'n I thought. I looked up one evenin' last week 'bout a hour b'fore plum sundown and seen three perty good sized shoats come trottin' up th' lane t'wards my ol' stump hole. They was grinnin' all over theirselves, gittin' on up th' road. I run out an' met 'em, since I spotted right off they was my gret-nephews that had got rounded up.

They told me they was th'owed in a big truck that headed north t'wards th' state line. They come t' a big town them shoats said was called Little Rock, up in Arkinsaw, an' that truck was movin' right on, gittin' fu'ther. They seen a lot 'a signs long-side a' th' road somethin' about Razerbacks, and thought maybe they could git loose, if they was in Hawg country. Them shoats roused up th' crowd in that truck and got t' rockin' and squealin' t' attract some attention, hopin' t' git rescued an' maybe join up with them Razerbacks. All at onct, that truck rocked and rolled, and slud off in a big ditch right dab in th' middle a' town, an' th' gate come open, an' all them hawgs broke an' run down th' Interstate fer their lives.

Th' po-lice got there quick an' started roundin' up hawgs, but we made it t' th brush b'efore they grabbed us, and started hikin' south back t' th' Piney Woods. An' here we are, safe an' sound.

Maybe y'all read about that reck in th' papers. Can't nothin' hold a real rooter!