RK spies a hawk

By R. K. Hamner
Special Correspondent

There's a tall ole oak tree in th ole woman's woodlot. A way up in th very top of it there's this big nest of twigs and leaves that hawks use for their nestin place. Ever since I was left by sumbody who didn't want a bobtailed cat an th ole woman took me in, I been a watchin them hawks.

That ole tree is taller than most of them pines and light poles an I surely couldn't crawl up ther tu see what was a goin on in them nests. But I kept a watchin and a listenin to the hawks a talkin to each other. Course all I could do was watch since the old woman forbid me bothering one of them birds.

Them hawks had been nestin in that tree more years than I could count. Lisa at the Vet's office recorded my birthdate as January 1, 2008 but I think she was just a guessin. Probably It seems that long to them folks since I put up such a fuss when I have to go down to their office tu get stuck with a needle. I yowl all the time I'm there and I promise you that I don't cooperate much when that vet pokes me with a needle. I surely don't say thank you.

I'm always glad to get back in my cage an ride back home. Thu ole woman is sure nuff glad to get me back home where she don't have to listen to me a yowlin and complainin. That woodlot with them tall trees is my sanctuary and generally I just clim up a tree and complain to them birds out there.

I never get bored out there cause there's always sumpin a goin on. I hear the birds all a talkin of what they did last night. The mockin bird made a new conquest, an the bluebird had a fight. Then, all of a sudden something happened I'd never seen before nor expected.

From way up in that oak tree this half growed baby hawk cume a floatin down and landed on the ground. I couldn't tell if it was a accident or if he had been pushed out of the nest. Course I went over right away to see if it was hurt by the fall. That pore bird friendlied up to me right away since it couldn't even fly yet. I started tryin tu communicate with him in cat language and finally started callin it Horatio since that name seemed to fit.

Me an Horatio was a getting along just fine until thu ole woman's boys discovered that Horatio was out there in thu woodlot. On the fourth day Horatio was down out there, they got worried cause flies were a eatin on that pore bird. Them boys gathered up Horatio, put him in a cage, and transported my new friend all the way to a wildlife Sanctuary. It's called, I'm told, WERLA,(Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation of Louisiana).

I'm told that it's a new facility, located on private land, and is equipped with an exam area, necessary anesthesia, surgery and medical supplies, and a kitchen. Only thing that's different is that now Horatio is now called Helen since that hawk turned outen to be a lady hawk.