Vine chairs were cheap, comfortable

By Gale Trussell
Journal Correspondent

Remember the old vine and/or wood chairs like the one in the photo? At one time, they were everywhere. Few country porches were without one. They were home-made and required few tools for construction. Obviously, they were cheap since they were made of materials at hand. They lasted for a long time and were quite comfortable. You seldom saw one painted or one with a cushion in it. Maybe people saw those things as “environmental intrusions” of a sort. Almost any hardwood species would do for chair making. However, pine was not popular because it has pitch in it. Popular vines were kudzu, and grape. Some of these chairs were given as gifts, others were used as barter items.

You can still find these old items at antique and specialty stores. They still seem very popular with the older crowd. However, for most folks, the old chairs are vanishing icons. Just another part of our history and heritage.