Voting time nears

The noise of politics is in the air across the land. First the Congress. Next the Governors. Then the Presidents. Who's in. Who's out. Who's up. Who's down. Guessing, predicting, picking and choosing, are the favorite parlor games for many in Louisiana and elsewhere, the subject of coffee shop chatter, and a roller coaster livelihood for squads of advisors, counselors, specialists, fund raisers, media gurus, and others who place their occupational bets with the few who actually face the voters and live with the consequences. They are already at work, they know who you are, where you vote, and they want your support, if not your money. Get ready.

To help you with your game plan, if you're thinking of running yourself, or if you just want to know when the whistle blows, here are the dates:

2014 Congressionals: Qualifying August 8-10; voting November 4
2015 Gubernatorials: Qualifying September 8-10; voting October 24
2016 Presidentials: Qualifying December 2-4; voting November 8
For more details on early voting, etc., see the charts below, or check the Elections section on the website of Secretary of State Tom Shedler.