He was small, feisty, and deer ran from him

by W.C. Abbott, Jr.
Journal Correspondent

Mr. Mallory was an elderly gent who fished a lot. I take it he fished a lot, because nearly every time I went, he be out there trying for white perch. He called 'em crappie. He was always alone in his old boat. He never sought conversation but he would talk if you stopped and asked him questions.

One day I asked him where his dog was. I had been seeing the dog on the boat with him. He said the dog got too cranky and mean, se he started leaving him at the camp. "That dog was satisfied in the boat for about an hour, and then he wanted out. He would bark at me and pull on my pants leg until I took him back to the landing."

I asked him if that was the same dog I saw sometimes along the shore barking. He said it was the same dog. "He don; want me to fish, but i don't pay him no mind," he said.

I'm finally getting to what I wanted to tell you. It's about a day in the late fall, the fish were biting good, and lots of people were fishing. Mr. Mallory had gotten downstream to near a little island about forty feet in diameter, and his dog was following him along the shore. I didn't tell you what this dog looked like. He was about a foot high, and eighteen inches long. He must have been some kind of feist, not very big. When he got to the island, he ran smack-dab into this huge, eight-point white-tailed buck. This startled the dog and he yelped several times and that scared the deer. He lunged off the shallow end of the island and started swimming toward another island we call Meathead Point. Edythe and Andy Sholar were in his path, so he turned toward the Mixing Hole, but there were two or three more boats of fishermen and they caused him to turn back and run into the woods where he came from.

About a week later, I saw Mr. Mallory fishing and his little dog was with him. I slowed my boat and stopped hear him and said, "Mr. Mallory, you never told me that dog was a deer dog." He looked at mew and asked, "We you out here the other day when my dog ran that deer into the lake?" I told him I wasn't, but I heard about it, and that when deer season opened I might want to borrow his dog. He said he'd let me borrow the dog, but he wanted half the deer if I killed one.