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A fork in the Road, Autobiography by Dr. Virgil Orr, Ruston, LA
Retired vice president of Louisiana Tech, Dr. Orr writes an engageing life story, beginning on a farm in Rapides Parish, through military service in World War II, into the towers of academe.
Order from the author at

Objection, Your Honor! Autobiography by Jonesboro attorney Bobby L. Culpepper.
A series of stories by the author covering a career as an attorney, Amusing interesting, informative about the ins and outs of rural justice in North Louisiana.
Available at Piney Woods Bookshelf, $25, by mail add $5.00 s&H.

With Edwards at The Governor's Mansion: From Angola to Free Man
By Forest C. Hammond-Martin Sr., Edited by Tom Aswell
A gripping story of crime, punishment, and redemption by a man wrongly convicted and sentenced to life at the Louisiana prison.
Pelican Publishing, 1000 Burmaster, Gretna, LA 70053

A Confederacy of Dunces 25th Anniversary Edition
A Novel by John Kennedy O'Toole
Main character Ignatius O'Reilly is dubbed "slob extraordinary, a mad Oliver Hardy, a fat Don Quixote." Set in New Orleans, the book is an unusual and highly readable comedy. Cloth; $26.95. Pulitzer Prize winner 1980; LSU Press

A Good Place; A novel by Curt Iles
“A Good Place” recounts the love story of Joe and Eliza, told through the eyes of their son, Mayo. Set “deep in the Louisiana piney woods,” the book is Curt Iles seventh book. Contact the author at .

American Civil War, By: Terry L. Jones
This narrative of the Civil War combines a chronological organiation with a thematic approach to provide a comprehensive introduction to this pivotal conflict in the nation’s history. Chapters on military history allow readers to follow the ebb and flow of the battlefield, while other more topical chapters explore subjects such as Civil War medicine, politics, diplomacy, the role of African-Americans and women. Used as a college textbook. Published by McGraw-Hill. $60. To order send payment to: Dr. Terry Jones, 306 Lakeland Drive, West Monroe LA 71291

America's Wetlands, Louisiana's vanishing Coast; Photos by Bevil Knapp; Text by Mike Dunne
Sounds the clarion call of catastrophic effects of Louisiana's vanishing coastline. Nation's economic and energy security is put at risk. Pub. Nov. 2005; 144 pgs.; 140 color photos; $39.95; cloth. LSU Press.

75th Anniversary Bonnie & Clyde Scrapbook: Photos and Stories
Extensive original photographs, with text, from the life and death of the Depression Era bandit couple, who died in an ambush by law enforcement in Bienville Parish, Louisiana May 23, 1934. 64 pages. $24.95 by mail, (incl. S&H) to Piney Woods Journal, P.O. Box 190, Dodson LA 71422. Check, Cash, VISA or MC. Also at

A Texas Cavalry Officer’s Civil War; The Diary and Letters of James E. Bates edited by Richard Lowe
A volunteer officer with the 9th Texas Cavalry Regiment from 1861 to 1865, James Campbell Bates was involved in clashes in the Civil War’s western and trans-Mississippi theaters. The collection remains in the hands of family descendants and provides a fresh, first-person dose of American history.
Pub. April 2005; 408 pages; paper $23.95; LSU Press.

Arkansas Wildlife, A History, by Ed Keith Suton
Story of state's wildlife in historical and national context. Resident species, habitat, early conservation efforts. University of Arkansas, Pub. 1998; 165 illus., $37.50 cloth;

Bicentennial Year
The United States Constitution
The First President of the United States
The Great Light in Masonry

One of a series of books written by Eugene Love, and his wife, Dhale Love, this volume reviews historical documents, the Founders, and connections with Masonry. Bicentennial Year - The U.S. Constitution, Hardback . . . . .$10 ($4.00+s&h if mailed)
Other books and ordering information; ordered at - or 541-326-9102
or mail order to Donna Love Wright; 1274 Munson Drive, Ashland Oregon 97520
Checks payable to Donna Love Wright

The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire That Saved Saved America
by Timothy Egan
Gripping story of the massive forest fire that decimated 3.2 million acres of national forests in the American Northwest in 1910, and the conservationist movement started by Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir, and Gifford Pinchot, leading to establishment of the U.S. Forest Service. 324 pages including notes; hardcover; photographs. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. $27.00 at booksellers.

Bob Bowman's East Texas, 124 Stories you Might Not Know If You didn't Read This Book By Bob Bowman
A collection of 124 stories, including "How Bonnie and Clyde were Caught," by the fromer newspaper columnist and present public relations executive. Available from the author at P.O. Box 1647, Lufkin, TX 75901, Phone: 936-634-7444.

Bonnie & Clyde 75 years, Scrapbook: Photos and Stories. May 23, 1934 - May 23, 2009.
Newspaper: Historical Collectors Edition-Bonnie & Clyde Ambush, May23, 1934-1984.
60th Anniversary Collector Edition Vol II - May 23, 1934-1994; The Bienville Democrat

Authentic photos, stories about the famous outlaw couple, killed in North Louisiana in 1934.
The story never dies. Two guns used by Bonnie and Clyde in their escapades were recentlty bought for $210,000.(*) Get all three anniversary editions for $35, plus $5 s&h. Write or call Bookshelf, 318-628-8671, Winnfield, LA
* Reported by Associated Press, January 23, 2012

Briley's Memorial History and Cemetery Directory of Winn Parish, Louisiana. Compiled in the 1950s by Montgomery writer Richard Briley, the books is an alphabetized census of every known cemetery in Winn Parish, Louisiana. Compiled and re-issued by Greg Davies and Donald L. Kelley of Winnfield, LA. $20 plus s&h, from Donald Kelley, Clerk of Court, Winn Parish Court House, Winnfield LA 71483, phone 318-628-3515.

Canoeing Mississippi, By Ernest Herndon
This handy book is for armchair travelers as well as for paddlers planning an excursion. Over 2000 miles of waterways. $46 cloth; $18 paper. University of Mississippi Press;

The Capture of New Orleans, 1862 by Chester G. Hearn
On April 24, 1862, Federal gunboats made their way past two Confederate
forts to ascend the Mississippi, and the Union Navy captured the city of New Orleans. Exhaustively researched, authoritative, and well-argued, book examines events that brought about loss of South’s most important city.
Pub. April 2005; 312 pages; paper, $21.95.; LSU Press.

Carville: Remembering Leprosy in Louisiana
by Marcia Gaudet; Foreword by James Carville
Mysterious and misunderstood, Hansen’s Disease, or leprosy, has all but disappeared from America’s consciousness. Carville, Louisiana was the nation’s last center for treatment. University of Mississippi Press; 176 pgs.; cloth; $28.00.

The Catahoula Collection, by Betty Ann Eaves. A history, with photographs, of the Catahoula dog breed, the "Official Louisiana State Dog," famed as a hunter and livestock-working animal. Information on training, showing, baying hints. $19.95 plus s&h to National Association of Catahoulas, P.O. Box 1041 , Denham Springs, LA 70727, phone 504-665-6082.

Catahoula Lake Chronicles
by Jack M. Willis
History, folklore, and illustrations by the author, Autographed copies available $35 each at Piney Woods Bookshelf, 609 East Main, Winnfield LA 71483. Mailing, add $5 S&H.

Chapels, Churches, and Cathedrals of Louisiana By Barbara Ferris Thornhill; photos by J.R. Thornhill . Historic and interesting churches of Louisiana, and the people who built them. Laminated hard-cover coffee table book, with rich full color photos. $24.95 plus $2.95 S&H to 61 Chauvin Drive, Monroe, LA 71203. Phone 318-343-8314.

Chasing Neotropical Birds
Text by Bob Thornton Photographs by Vera and Bob Thornton
From Belize to Brazil, forests of the American neotropics are home to astonishing array of birds - Over 3,700 species. 116 color photos in 11 countries. Pub. Feb 2005; 254 pgs. $34.95, hardcover.

Choctaw Tales
Collected by Tom Mould; Foreword by Chief Phillip Martin
Treasury of tribal lore told by past and present Choctaw storytellers, including stories from 1700s to today. Showcases the legendary, supernatural, prophecies and histories, animal fables and jokes. University of Mississippi Press. 256 pgs.; 38 B&W illustrations; paperback; $20.00.

Collard Greens
Growing up on a Sandhill Subsistence Farm in Louisiana during the Great Depression
By Thomas Ard Sylvest
Sylvest was born in Provencal, Louisiana in Natchitoches parish. He witnessed hog killing, cotton picking, potato planting, and growing collard greens as a boy growing up in the South during the Great Depression. To order: $20 check to Tom Sylvest, 524 North Millet Ave., Gramercy, LA 70052.

Colonial Natchitoches: Outpost of Empires
By Kathleen M. Byrd Ph.D.
Published in 2008, Colonial Natchitoches provides a detailed look at the colonial frontier outpost, the daily activities of the inhabitants, their rel-ationships with the neighboring Spanish and the role that post played in the lives of Native American tribes of the region.
Available at The Book Merchant in Natchitoches, online at .. , or . Paper back, $19.99, hardcover $29.99.

Compass: Silent Invaders of our Southern Forests
Spring 2005 edition -
Publication of U.S. Forest Service, issued periodically. Available on-line in PDF format at . To receive hard copies by mail from USFS Southern Research Station, to to

Conspiracy Unveiled, by Duel Stone. A "novel based on fact," on the Huey P. Long assassination, from conspiracy plot overheard by Jessica Lauren Fields. A foreword by retired Senator Russell B. Long. $25.95 plus s&h, from Lloyds of Louisiana LLC, P.O. Box 7118, Monroe LA 71211. Phone 318-343-2478.

Crawdads, Persimmons, and Wildplums, By Juanita Dandridge
Dandridge writes of her early years, living in the rural forests of central Louisiana with her family near Sikes, LA. Nostalgic reminiscent of a different world. Available from author at, 709 Orange St., Donaldsonville, LA. 70346. (225) 473-8039. $10 plus S&H.

Edwin Edwards Governor of Louisiana
By Leo Honeycutt
Issued in late 2009 by Lisburn Press of Baton Rouge, this authorized biography reviews the life and political career of the four-term former Governor as the date for his release from prison on federal charges approaches. Available at bookstores, and on-line at at $28.95.

Eugene and Dhale Love Books
Looking Back - Winn Parish 1852-1986; Hardback ...........$20.00+($5 s&h if mailed)
The Lighthouses - Winn Parish Churches and Religious Leaders; Hardback . . . . . $20+($5 s&h if mailed)
An Encyclopedia of Union Parish History 1839-1994; Hardback . . . . . $20+($5 s&h if mailed)
Masonry in Winn Parish Louisiana 1857-1983; Paperback . . . . $4.50+($2.50 s&h if mailed)
Bicentennial Year - The U.S. Constitution; Hardback . . . . .$10 ($4.00+s&h if mailed)
Books may be picked up or ordered at
or 541-326-9102; or mail order to Donna Love Wright
1274 Munson Drive, Ashland, Oregon 97520; Checks payable to Donna Love Wright

Faces From the Past: Profiles of Those Who Led Reforesttion of the Southern Forests
By James P. Barnett
Emeritus Scientist USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station, Pineville LA. Published by the USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station, the book contains profiles and pictures of pioneers in the South’s reforestation, including several Dr. Barnett included in columns in The Piney Woods Journal. Contact USDA Forest Service request -General Technical Report SRS-133.

Fish Out of Water by Wesley Harris
During World War II, nearly 700 prisoner war camps were scattered across the U.S. None were more interesting than Camp Ruston, a large complex in North Louisiana, where some of the war’s most intriguing stories, including that of German U-boat submariners. The capture and concealment of the U-505 crew was one of the war’s best kept secrets. $10.95,
includes postage, from RoughEdge Publications, P.O. Box 30, Ruston LA 71273, or

Fonville Winans’ Louisiana
Politics, People, and Places
A sympathetic and thorough rendering of the lifework of the internationally renowned Baton Rouge photographer, Fonville Wynans (1911-1992). A view of Louisiana through a marvelous and eccentric eye. LSU Press, $45.00

The Forgotten Expedition
1804-1805 -The Louisiana Purchase Journals of Dunbar and Hunter
At the same time that he charged Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the great Northwest, President Thomas Jefferson commissioned William Dunbar and George Hunter to make a parallel journey through the southern unmapped regions of the Louisiana Purchase. Dunbar and Hunter made their way through what is now northern Louisiana and southern Arkansas. Their journals have long been out of print, and have never been published in a single volume. LSU Press, $29.95

From Boeuf to Beaucoup: Vintage Tales of Caldwell Parish
Published by North Louisiana Folk Life, Inc.
A very readable collection of oral history interviews from Caldwell Parish, published with a grant from Louisiana Endowment For the Humanities. 331 pages, includes maps, potos, family name index. Available at Martin Homeplace Museum, Columbia, LA, 318-649-6722.

Frontiersman Daniel Boone and the Making of America By Meridith Mason Brown
The name Daniel Boone conjures images of an illiterate coonskin-cap wearing patriot who settled Kentucky and killed countless Indians. Brown separates the real Boone from the fables. From LSU Press, Baton Rouge. $34.95.

The Garden Club, by Bobby Deblieux
Deblieux's novel, set in beautiful Natchez, Mississippi is a great first effort, and a mystery worth reading. Available at The Book Merchant,, Natchitoches, LA. Phone(318) 357-8900.

Grandpa's Legacy, A novel by Andrew J. Scharr,
a retired forester, about a rural family in North Louisiana in the early 1900s. Contains a collection of stories that form the chapters of the book, about a grandfather and his extended family, as narrated by his grandson.160 pages; softcover. $16.95 plus $3.00 s&h, from Publish America, P.O. Box 151, Frederick MD 21705

A Hanging in Nacogdoches
by Gary B. Borders
Story of a 1902 trial and execution of a black man in East Texas town, in a time of racial and social violence in the American South. By a lifelong Texas newspaperman. 239 pgs., 28 b&w illustrations; Hardcover $33.50, paperback $13.37. University of Texas Press,

Historical Dictionary of The Civil War (2 volumes) By: Terry L. Jones
An alphabetical listing of personalities, dates, and events of the Civil War. $40 per set, To order send payment to: Dr. Terry Jones, 306 Lakeland Drive, West Monroe LA 71291 .

How to Keep Your Meeting Lively and Fun by Quote Publishing divison of Cheallaigh Shamrock.
A looseleaf handbook for presiders, presenters, others in charge of group meetings, available on-line for $29.95, at Chapters "How to Run a Meeting," "Introducing a Speaker," "Preparing and Delivering a Speech," "Stories For and About Speakers," "Funny Stories for Toastmasters," and "Stories for All Occasions."

Huckleberry Lane, by Elizabeth H. Towns, Bienville, :Louisiana. A collection of personal reminiscences and events originally published as a newspaper column in The Bienville Democrat weekly in Arcadia, LA during the years 1984-1988. Information from Everett Publishing, P.O. Box 5376, Bossier City LA 71151, or from the author, Elizabeth H. Towns, 175 Huckleberry Lane, Gibsland, LA 71028.

Images of America: Winn Parish
Edited by Bob Holeman, retired publisher of the weekly Winn Parish Enterprise in Winnfield, Parish seat of Winn Parish, Louisiana, this collection of historic photographs pictures the history and development of this North Louisiana region from its beginnings in the middle 1800s. Published by Friends of the Louisiana Political Museum Foundation, Winnfield. $21.99 from the Louisiana Political Museum 318-628-5304.

Influential First Ladies By Sherri Peel Taylor
Series biography featuring presidential wives. Included are: Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Betty Ford, Barbara Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton and more. $25 For information Call (318) 395-8675

The Journey - by Frances Bennett.
A frontier story of 1899, when settlers moved from the U.S. East Coast to homestead in Southern Arkansas. From the author, 1359 Hwy 3121, Spearsville LA 71277

The Kingfish in Fiction, Huey P. Long in the Modern American Novel, By KEITH PERRY, LSU Press, 2004
The controversial Louisiana politician inspired not one, but six American novels published between 1934 and 1946. 243 pgs. Clothbound $39.95

Lee and His Generals in War and Memory, by Gary W. Gallagher, LSU Press, 2004
Civil War historian Gary W. Gallagher examines Robert E. Lee, his principal subordinates, and the continuing influence of Lost Cause arguments in the late 20th century United States. 260 pages; maps, halftones. Paper, $21.95

Lee’s Tigers: The Louisiana Infantry in the Army of Northern Virginia
By: Terry L. Jones
A raucous outfit of “wharf rats from New Orleans,” and the “lowest scrapings of the Mississippi” plundered and pillaged on farms wherever they camped, but when the fighting started they were fierce in combat. Dr. Terry Jones paints a lively picture of the 12,000 Louisiana volunteers that went east in the first months of the Civil War and fought in the Army of Northern Virginia. LSU Press, 1987; $25. To order send payment to
Dr. Terry Jones
306 Lakeland Drive
West Monroe LA 71291

Legend of the Nightriders
By: Jack Peebles
An expanded re-researched version of the earlier drama of the West-Kimbrell Clan in post-Civil War North Louisiana by Richard Briley. Withforeward by Gregory Davies. $30 + $5 s&h. The Piney Woods Journal, P.O. Box 190, Dodson, LA 71422.

Little Hu, The Boy Who Planned to be Governor, Sue Eakin, ed. Stories about boyhood and political career of Huey Long, Louisiana governor. Personal interviews and published accounts. $15 plus $5 s&h, from Louisiana Political Museum. 490 E. Main, Winnfield, LA 71483. Phone 318-628-5928, or visit

Louisiana Cowboys - by Bill Jones.
Attorney and former Louisiana State Senator Jones participated in the family business of ranching and learned to cowboy at an early age. He tells the story of working cattle from the Louisiana marshes to the plains of Texas and the Rocky Mountains. Pelican Publishing Co., Inc., 1000 Burmaster, Gretna LA 70053

Louisiana Culture
From the Colonial era to Katrina - John Lowe, ed.
In 1803 President Thomas Jefferson acquired 828,000 square miles of French territory in what became known as the Louisiana Purchase. Today Louisiana makes up only a small portion of the territory, but embraces a larger-than-life history. $49.95 from LSU Press, Baton Rouge.

The Louisiana Governors By Joseph P. Dawson III, ed. LSU Press. Historical biographies of Louisiana's governors from d'Iberville in 1699 to David Treen, 1980. Individual essays with brief sketches of the contributing writers. Published 1990; 280 pp.; hardcover. $50 from LSU Press, 3990 West Lake Shore Drive, Baton Rouge LA 70803. Phone 225-388-6294

The Louisiana Journey, By: Terry L. Jones
An 8th grade Louisiana history textbook, covers all 81 Louisiana Department of Education Social Studies Grade Level Expectations for Grade 8. It offers a comprehensive course of study in Louisiana geography, history, economics, citizenship, and government. Gibbs Smith, Publisher; $45. To order send payment to: Dr. Terry Jones, 306 Lakeland Drive, West Monroe LA 71291

The Louisiana Purchase, A History in Maps, Images, and Documents on CD-ROM.
A comprehensive resource for teachers, students, and the general browser. Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP; MacIntosh OS8.6 or higher.

Louisiana Rocks! The True Genesis of Rock & Roll
By Tom Aswell
A showcase of Louisiana musical heritage, this history of rock and roll music and its Louisiana roots presents an in-depth study of the industry players and musicians who contributed to the establishment of the Pelican State as the birthplace of rock and roll. The author, a North Louisiana native, is a former radio disk jockey, newspaper reporter and editor. 500 pages, including notes; hardcover; photographs. Pelican Publishing, 1000 Burmaster St., Gretna LA 70053

Love, Live to Hunt the Hog, by Newton Hyde.
If you want to learn about serious hog hunting, "harvesting" pork on the hoof, and handling the dogs that get the job done, you could not do better than Newton Hyde's book. Available in a few stores in the Winnfield, LA area or from author at: 2423 Coldwater Road, Winnfield, LA 71483. Or Call 318-727-8658.

The Man Behind the Voice, Jim Hawthorne, LSU Sports Broadcaster
An autobiography by the long-time sports announcer, relating a wealth of anecdotes about prsonalities and sports in Louisiana, based on experiences at Centenary College, Northwestern State University at Natchitoches, and LSU-Baton Rjouge. Available from the author's website or 1-800-921-1411. Published by Southern Legacies Press, Natchitoches.

Mapping and Empire: Soldier-Engineers on the Southwestern Frontier
Edited by Dennis Reinhartz and Gerald D. Saxon
From the 16th through mid-19th century, Spain, then Mexico, and finally the United States took ownership of lands from the Gulf Coast of Texas to the Pacific Coast, today’s American Southwest. Maps and essays. University of Texas Press. 232 pgs. 52 B&W illus. $34.95 hardcover.

The Marshal Who Tamed Zwolle, By Robert Roy Gentry and Patricia B. Martinez
Story of Quinton Brandon, Marshal of Zwolle, in Sabine Parish, LA. Illustrated. 334 pp, paperback. $20.50, includes tax and shipping, from Robert Gentry, Sweet Dreams Publishing, P.O. Box 850, Many, LA 71449. Phone 318-256-3495.

Marsh Mission Capturing the Vanishing wetlands, by C.C. Lockwood and Rhea Gary
Hoping that art will inspire concern where statistics have not, focus is on desperate battle to save Louisiana's coastal wetlands. Pub.Sept 2005; LSU Press; 120 pgs., 100 color photos. $39.95.

Mississippi Archaeology Q & A
Evan Peacock
Answers to questions from landowners, history buffs, arrowhead hunters, and students new to archaeology are given by author Evan Peacock, archaeologist at Mississippi State University.128 pages; 5 1/2 x 8 1/2; 60 B&W illustrations. Cloth $48;paper $18.00.

Mississippi River Country Tales. A celebration of 500 Years of Deep South History. By Jim Fraiser
Many personal stories, from the humorous to the momentous, grace the pages of this book, called "an engaging new history, a delightful surprise, filled with enjoyable anecdotes and fast-paced tales."
Paperback; listed at $16.95. Published 2001.Contact Pelican Publishing Co., Inc., 1000 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LA 70053.

Myth, Media, and the Southern Mind, By Stephen A. Smith
Journal of American Culture says, "an excellent introduction to all sorts of things Southern. Highly recommended for anyone interested in ...The South." Pub 1985; 217 pgs., $19.95, University of Arkansas Press

New Seasons by Wiley W. Hilburn, Jr.
Veteran newspaperman, Louisiana Tech journalism department chair, columnist and author, produced his latest book, a collection of columns from his writings in daily newspapers in Shreveport and Monroe.
Hardbound, 224 pages; $24.95 at Lewis & Co., Ruston, LA, or from author at 318-768-2518; email

Nightriders: Inside Story of the West and Kimbrell Clan
By Richard Briley III, Commentaries by Loyd J. Harrison and P.C. Lang
First published by the author in 1963, the book was reprinted by Dogwood Press, Hemphill, TX. The story recounts the bloody reign of the post-Civil War gang in the area of North Central Louisiana along the east-west route leading to Texas. Available at Pea Patch Gallery in Winnfield and other locations, around $20 per copy.

Noah's Village
By Howard G. Chatham
A history of the founding and development of the Jackson Parish, Louisiana town of Chatham during the 19th centruy migration of settlers. Purchase from the author, - phone 318-249-2773.

Only in Arkansas, Study of Endemic Plants and Animals of the State, by Henry W. Robinson & Robert T. Allen
Provides literature references t distributions of each, and reports genteal biology, evolutionary relationships and habitat. Pub. 1995; 184 pgs,; $46, cloth. University of Arkansas.

The Perpetual Money Machine: How the U.S. National Debt Has Corrupted Congress (in press; for release soon) by James Ronald Skains, illustrations and art by Lynn Richards. Mr. Skains, Chief Correspondent for The Piney Woods Journal, posts pre-release purchase information at his personal website, along with selections from his other published writings, including several articles on forest-related subjects which have appeared in The Piney Woods Journal. Email

Perserving the Pascagoula, by Donald G. Scheuler
A classic book about the environmental triumph that saved a southeast Mississippi wetland; recreates one of the sagas in the history of wilderness preservation. 192pgs., 6x9, paper; 11 b&w photos, index. $18. University of Mississippi Press.

Pioneers of the American West By Sherri Peel Taylor
Series biography of the men and women who traveled across a continent to start a new life, creating the independent spirit that Americans show today. For information call (318) 395-8675.

Reminiscences, Recollections, and Recipes
by Blanche Bishop Shows
Blanche Bishop Shows of Jonesboro, a retired insurance agent, thought a long time about writing a book. In 2006, she issued her book, as the title plainly states, ‘Reminiscences, Recollections, and Recipes,’ an interesting collection of each, with food to match the season and the situation.
From the author, 200 pages, $25.00. 318-259-2201.

Eddie Robinson, By Denny Dressman
“. . .he was the Martin Luther King of football’’
The legendary Eddie Robinson, longtime football coach at Grambling State University in North Louisiana, reached heights of fame recognized internationally, yet came from very humble beginnings in the segregated south of Louisiana. His teams produced more professional players than any school except Notre Dame. Published by Paros Press, Denver CO. Sales
information from ComServe Books, P.O. Box 3116, Greenwood Village CO 80155-3116

Sketches of Old Ruston, Louisiana
by M.S.M. Hayes
First issued by the artist in March, 1976, in time for the American Bicentennial celebration in Ruston, unsold copies were recently found in the inventory of the Ruston printer.
$10 each, mailed, to Piney Woods Journal, P.O. Box 190, Dodson LA 71422

Steamboats on Louisiana Bayous; A History and Director
Carl Brasseaux and Kieth Fontenot
First major study of a fascinating slice of the steamboat industry, largely forgotten in Louisiana\'92s history. Pub 2004; 277 pgs., 14 halftones. $54.95 cloth. LSU Press -

Strange Kin
Ireland and the American South by Kieran Quinlan
Ties between Ireland and the American South span four centuries and include shared ancestries, cultures, and sym-pathies. Quinlan, a native of Ireland, now resides in Alabama, and offers in-depth exploration.
Pub. 2005; 269 pgs.; cloth $49.95; LSU Press;

The Sugar Masters: Planters and Slaves in Louisiana’s Cane World by Richard Follett
Exploresa how a modern, capitalist mind set among planters meshed with old-style patern-alistic attitudes to create one of the South’s most oppressive labor systems.
Pub. May 2005; 304 pages; cloth $54.95. LSU Press.

Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana by Carl Lindahl, Maida Owens, C. Renee Harvison, ed.
Interviews and published folktales. 402 pp, paperback. $20 plus $5 shipping, from Louisiana Political Museum, 499 E. Main, Winnfield, LA 71483. Phone 318-628-4461. Visit .

Tapping the Pines by Robert B. Outland III
Extraction of raw turpentine and tar from the Southern longleaf pine, along with the derivative products such as turpentine and rosin, was once the largest industry in much of the South. The book traces the naval stores industry from its colonial origins to the mid-20th century. LSU Press, published 2004.

Texas Wildlife Resources and Land Uses, Ed. Raymond C. Telhair II
Describes ecological regions of Texas, land use, wildlife, agriculture and native vegetation. Pub. 1998; update. 416 pgs., 19 b&w illustrations, 39 tables. $26.95 -

Texas Women ; Compiled from Texas Monthly
Introduction by Evan Smith
Profiles of 13 Texas women not only fascinating in their own right, but representatives of legions who have contributed to the uniqueness of Texas. From Lady Bird Johnson to Janis Joplin. 229 pgs.. $12.70. University of Texas Press.

They Called Me A Killer, By John Blanchard
The story of a law man in east Louisiana during the days of civil strife and hatred. Blanchard writes a story handed down in his family for decades. Available at 332 Martha Ave., Mansfield, LA 71052 online at $20

Toxic Drift Pesticides and Health in the Post World War II South
Pete Daniel
Following World War II, chemical companies and agricultural experts experimented with synthetic chemicals such as DDT, as pesticides on weeds and insects. Effects on wildlife and plants is detailed. Published 2005; 224 pages; 6x9; cloth, $26.95

Uncertain Destiny By Dorothy Kovalckick Roark of West Monroe, Louisiana
The story of the immigration of author's grandparents and parents, and her own career as a member of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.
Phone 318-323-8756 or write Dorothy K. Roark, 112 Maridale Drive, West Monroe LA 71291, $24.95 Postpaid

Uncle Earl Deserved Better, Jack B. McGuire, ed. An analysis of the movie "Blaze," and the book "Earl K. Long - The Saga of Uncle Earl and Louisiana Politics" by Michael Kurtz and Morgan Peoples. McGuire compares events and chronology in the movie and book, with contemporary published articles, official documents, and his own personal research. $20 from Good Reading Books, 959 South Clark, New Orleans LA 70125.

An Unnatural Metropolis Wrestling New Orleans from Nature
By Craig E. Colten
Situated at the gateway to the Mississippi River, yet standing atop a former swamp, New Orleans was from the first what geographer Pierce Lewis called “an impossible but inevitable city.” How New Orleans came to be, taking shape between the mutual and contradictory forces of nature and urban development is the subject of this book. Before the city could swell in size and commercial importance, as its 19th century boosters envisioned, builders had to wrest it from its waterlogged site, protect it from floods, expel disease, and supply basic services using local resources. Colten shows how every manipulation of the environment made an impact on the city’s social geography as well, often with unequal, adverse consequences for minorities, and how each still requires maintenance and improvement today.
Craig Colten is the Carol O. Sauer Professor of Geography at LSU. Published 2005; 245 pages 6x9. Cloth; $39.95 from

A Voice Crying in the Wilderness: Sermons for Country Preachers
By Rev. H.P. Tarpley
Paperback collection of 10 special sermons, usable by ministers for pulpit preaching, and for lay readers. Rev. Tarpley is a veteran of 55 years pastoring in rural churches in Louisiana. $9.95 at Christian bookstores, or from the author, with $2.50 S&H, P.O. Box 10, Pollock LA 71467.

Whatever It Cakes
by Joyce Shields Colvin
A small town, Russville, Louisiana, is the scene for this fiction mystery novel, in which partners in a local bakery are also undercover agents for an insurance company. They find fraud, intrigue, murder. Paperback; available at bookstores, and from the author at $24.95, at P.O. Box 1351, Ruston LA 71273.

When The Music Stopped. By Jay Chevalier
No politician has ever been more colorful than Louisiana's Gov. Earl K. Long. A biography written by a trusted confidant. Southern Legacies Press, 132 Rue Denis Natchitoches, LA. 71457.

The Winds of September
by Frances Bennett
Historical fiction, the story begins in midsummer, 1869, when a couple, based on the author’s forebears, leave Boston to head for a new life in Texas, with their three children. They cross the Mississippi at Vicksburg, join a small wagon train going into Tennessee, and build a life. $18.95, to author Frances Bennett, 1359 Hwy 3121, Spearsville, LA 71277.

World War II Veterans: Speaking from the Heart by Patsy K. Barber
A collection of personal interviews with service men and women fro Louisiana and elsewhere, on experiences in the World War. Illustrated with photos, clippings, and other material of history from the 1940s.
Paperback; 870 pages. Contact Bayou Bouef Publishing, 21 Meeker Rd. Lecompte, LA 71346

Writings of the Chickasaw Scribe By Jimmie P. Maxwell
Self published in 1992, the book is a collection of personal columns by the author, a retired USDA Soil Conservationist of Jennings, LA. A native of Urania in LaSalle Parish, he published many of the original pieces in the Jena, LA Times. Available at $30 from his daughter, Amy Maxwell Prendergast, 1654 Mallard Circle, Tuscaloosa AL 35405. Phone 205-759-5295

• Forestry, Management

Annual Report for 1999, Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service. Reports on forest research at 15 USDA Forest Service research stations. Forest management, disease control, foreign markets, others. List of publications and tech transfer methods. Order from USDA Southern Research Station, P.O. Box 2680, Asheville NC 28806. Visit

Final Environmental Impact Statement, Land and Resource Management Plan, Kisatchie National Forest Presents alternatives for revision of Land and Resource Management Plan for the 600,000-plus national forest in Louisiana. 4-volume set, with CD ROM, produced by USDA Forest Service. Ordering information, Lynn C. Neff, Forest Supervisor, Kisatchie National Forest, 2500 Shreveport Hwy., Pineville LA 71360. Phone 318-473-7160

Forestry in Louisiana (Video Casette) Training film, in ten lessons, developed by Twin Valley RC&D, directed by Holly Morgan, features segments on various aspects of forestry economy, wood utilization, wildlife, soil and water, logging, and reforestation, designed to be used as a teaching aid in schools and by the public. The film, which won first place in the National RC&D resource projects competition for 2000, is made in cooperation with USDA Forest Service, Natural Resource Conservation Service, and Society of American Foresters. To obtain a copy, call Janice Prudhomme, Twin Valley RC&D, Natchitoches, LA, at 318-352-4946.

Forestry Research - Various technical papers on current and recent research projects are available from the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, Wisconsin, Papers include Recovery of Paper and Wood for Recycling: Actual and Potential, Waste-Wood-Derived Fillers for Plastics, Recycling Research Progress at the Forest Products Laboratory, and numerous others. Address: USDA Forest Products Laboratory, One Gifford Pinchot Drive, Madison WI 53705-2398, phone 608-231-9200 or visit at

Managing Louisiana's Forests for Water Quality An overview of managing forests for water quality, is a syllabus used in a series of water management seminars by the LSU Agricultural Center, for use by foresters and forest landowners. Prepared by LSU School of Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries, Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Office of Forestry, Louisiana Forest Stewardship Program. For information, contact Melinda Hughes, Research Associate, LSU, Room 227 FW&F Building, Baton Rouge LA 70803-6202, phone 225-388-4131, or visit

Mississippi Forests and Forestry, By James E. Fickle
Comprehensive history of how people used the state's forests, and how conservation triumphed. Describes an ongoing commerce, from Native American to white exploitation. $35 cloth; 394 pgs., 40 b&w illustrations.

Recommended Forestry Best Management Practices for Louisiana Revised and updated manual designed as a practical field guide for forest landowners, logging contractors, and the forest industry. Details on streamside management zones, harvest operations, road making, site preparation, reforestation, fertilization and presticides, fire management, wetlands management. Collaboration by Louisiana Office of Agriculture and Forestry, Louisiana Forestry Association, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, Louisiana Logging Council, with funds from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Information from Louisiana Forestry Association, Alexandria, LA, phone 318-443-2558.

Research Report of Southern Research Station, Fall 2004
Prepared by USDA Forest Service researchers, Fall edition topics include Restoring Sweetgrass; Southern Pine Ecosystems; Wetlands, Bottomlands and Streams.
Downloadable from - or copies from Claire Payne 828-257-4392

Sustainable Forestry 1999 Edition Sustainable Forestry Initiative Standard. A portfolio containing objective statements, progress reports, and other information pieces on the national and Louisiana Sustainable Forestry Initiative program of the American Forest & Paper Association. Available free from Louisiana Forestry Association, P.O. Box 5067, Alexandria LA Phone 318-443-2558

Timber: A Photographic History of Mississippi Forestry by James E. Fickle
Collection of black-and-white images conveys the story of human impact on Mississippi forests from pioneer era to present.
Cloth; $35. University Press of Mississippi.

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