Matthew rode a Texas bull

They was big doin's over there in Beaumont, Texas a couple'a weeks ago, and jist
about ever' big-time logger in the Piney Woods shucked out and went. What it was,
was a convention 'a that American Loggers Council, and I h'year tell they was 
loggers there from 'way off up in Michigan, and Maine, and California, and ever'where.
I didn' even know they had trees some 'a them places I h'yeard 'emn talkin' about, but 
I reck'n they must, 'cause they talked jist like reg'lar loggers.
Well, I h'yeard ol' Matthew Bratton from over there at that Ponsee sale yard at 
West Monroe went to th' meetin', and he fig'erd he was in such high cotton, it 'most
nearly takened his breath away. It bein' in Texas, they had 'em a big Rodeo, and ol' 
Matthew, he was struttin' around feelin' pretty good, and he happened to tell somebody,
"Why, I rode me a bull one time, and it warn't too bad!"
Well, that was all it took. Somebody come back at him, and he said, "Why, I reck'n I 
could ride me one 'a them Texas bulls, if somebody come up with the entry fee. Why, 
shore, I can!"
Ol' Joe Cherry, who's the head boss 'a that Loggers Council, 
he said, "Well, it ain't on the progrma, but I bet we could git you in if nothin' else would do you."
Next thing you h'yeard was that annoucer sayin', "And out 'a Chute No. 9 is Matthew
Bratton, the Ponsee salesman, 'a ridin' ol' Thunderbolt! Ride 'im. Cowboy!"
Well, ol' Matthew is still alive an' kickin,' so I reck'n he rode that bull, fer shore. I h'yeard
they was pictures of the ride down at the Piney Woods Journal office, so it must be so. I'll
let you know if they is anyone takin' up for medical expenses!