Old Woman finally throws RK out of the house

By Mary K. Hamner
Journal Correspondent

The old woman and me had an under-standin right up front when I showed up on her front porch. She would feed me and take me to the Vet an all but I was a gonna be a outside cat! No bargaining! I was s'posed to pay for my keep by thinnin out the local rats and rabbits. If she ever saw me catchin a bird, then it was thu end uv our relationship.

It's been several years now and we've got used to each other's company for the most part. The old woman feeds me twice a day. She got where she would rub me on the head and tell me that I was a good boy. I brought my rats and rabbits up close to the house where she could tell I was a keepin my part of the bargain. Usually it was only a half of the rabbit or rat she saw but I learned better than that. She'd git her shovel and bury the part I was a savin for supper. I started just leavin a foot or tail but it sure was a lot to eat at one sittin.

Then the weather got cold and I started a nosin my way into the kitchen. That worked for a while but it was a in and out kind of thing. One day she got busy with somethin and for got I was inside. That carpet stretched out in front of me and I couldn't resist. I'm a mannerly cat and didn't jump up on the table or couch or anythin else. I just took me a good nap inside on the carpet where it was warm.

It stayed an in and out kind of thing from then on and I thought I had it made. I stayed outside most of the day and night was my huntin time. I was a getting the rats and rabbits thinned out so I had to range futher and futher from home. My GPS always led me back home for my Meow Mix every mornin.

Then things changed. Them boys started a workin on the old woman's house, and the doors was open a lot. I had put on some weight and that inside carpet got more and more comfortable. Once in a while the old woman would forget and leave me inside at night. I even got brave enough once or twice to jump up and sleep on the couch. Guess that was my first mistake.

I do consider myself a handsome dude with all my long yeller hair but that hair gets to be kinda hot in the summer time. One day I saw the old woman lookin around and pickin up stuff and all of a sudden she had a big wad of my hair in her hand. She didn't say nuthin for several days and I thought I was in the house for good. I would sleep most all the day and just wake up at feedin time. Then the old woman started sneezin a lot, big noisy sneezes that startled me out of my naps.

Have you ever been thrown out of your cool comfortable place just because your hair was a comin out? So now it's back on the outside for me. The racoons tell me that they're glad cause I get fed outside now and they like Meow Mix too. But the coolest place I've found outside is in between Pete and Annie Cherub, and Joe Frog inside their cement home underneath a tree.